CAPRA MEETING Minutes, May 13, 2011

Attending: Michael Chiarello, Norm Goodman, Bill Godfrey, Jackie Collier, Kane Gillespie, Shmuel Einav

Subcommittee updates

MA/MS Subcommittee
Michael reported that this group had a hard time moving forward, largely because of a conflict perceived by the Graduate School. This issue will need to be addressed soon.

New Southampton programs
Jackie updated this subcommittee’s report: There are at least 60 students registered for the regular and new marine sciences courses to be offered on the Southampton campus in Fall 2011. However, only about 10 of them wanted to live on that campus, which is not enough to make opening the dorms cost-effective. Alternate housing plans are being worked out for those students. The low demand for housing may reflect students not having time to plan ahead for a semester away from main campus.

Strategic Planning
There is much uncertainty in CAS about the idea of moving from the current departmental staff arrangements, including Assistants to the Chair, to a “service center” model proposed by the Bain group study; this idea needs more formal review.

The merger of Women’s and Gender Studies with Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies to form the new Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory is in the approval process. As there do not seem to be any resource allocation issues involved, CAPRA feels it does not need to further study the issue.

Other possible mergers are under discussion among the parties directly involved, and no action is required until there is a formal proposal.  At that time, any proposed merger will be required to follow the procedures jointly agreed upon by the University Senate and the Provost.

UUP Delegate Assembly
Bill reported that Phil Smith was re-elected as president, and expressed his grave concerns about the positions being taken by the union, especially in terms of how it affects the University Centers. It was learned that the UUP president and vice presidents are very well paid.

Senate Exec meeting with Ken LaValle
Norm reported that this was a very good and productive meeting; the senate executive committee hopes to make such meetings a regular event. There does appear to be support building for a ‘rational tuition plan’, perhaps including some form of differential tuition, as part of ‘NYSUNY 2020’. This may be in place for Fall 2011 or Spring 2012.

CAPRA business
Everyone expressed gratitude and appreciation for Joan Kuchner’s service to CAPRA.  They also expressed thanks and appreciation of Norm’s leadership. CAPRA will need a new chair in the fall.

Annual report
Norm will draft an Annual Report for the University Senate and send it to the members of CAPRA for comment before submitting it to the University Senate Executive Committee.