CAPRA  Meeting March, 18, 2011


Attending: Denise Snow, Michael Chiarello, Larry Wittie, Gene Katz, Norm Goodman, Bill Godfrey, Jackie Collier,  Benjamin Hayashi, Kane Gillespie, Shmuel Einav

Presentation –Dr. Kaushansky

The School of Medicine (SOM) is in flux because it is clear about the precise nature of the pending state legislation on the budget.  There will be a 10% cut to all SUNY campuses, which is equal to $12 million for SBU, plus an additional $10 million cut carried over from last year and about another $7 million cut due to other items such as a planned-for increase in tuition that didn’t materialize. SOM will be cut by $2 million in the next fiscal year and possibly $5 million in the current year’s budget. Governor Cuomo has proposed zeroing out the entire state subsidy for the 3 SUNY hospitals, which is about $54 million cut for the Stony Brook Hospital.  In addition, Medicaid reform will result in an additional $1 million cut to faculty and $5 million to the hospital.

Employee benefits in hospital are paid by the hospital because about 10 years ago it was decided hospital should pay the benefits and in return, they would get the state funds of $54 million.  However, the employee benefits are still negotiated in Albany, not Stony Brook, and tend to be more generous than private institutions offer.  The Stony Brook Hospital also pays about $3 million in malpractice insurance.  The total budget is about $900 million, with approximately 60 % coming from Medicaid and Medicare and 30% from private insurers. The proposed cut in state funds to the hospital is in the 6 to 8% range.

At the present time, the New York State Assembly is proposing to restore 50% of the cut, whereas the New York State Senate is proposing to restore 80% of the cut.  The actual resolution of these differences is not yet evident.

Academic Planning


There are plans to build up the research enterprise on East Campus, with the anticipated help from philanthropic contributions meet some of the costs.  Areas of planned development include a Biomedical Center with a focus on imaging and partnering with Brookhaven National Lab; and Biomedical Infomatics, partnering with CEAS
Other areas to develop include:  Cancer, Immunology, and Neuroscience.


“Teaching the teachers,” that is, providing some clinical training for PhD candidates by that will help in their teaching and research.


The areas of focus will be: Cardiovascular, cancer, women and children, neurosciences, and gastroenterology.  There will also be a rethinking of the Family Medicine residency and, perhaps, Primary care with focus on pediatrics.


There will be a multipronged approach to reach out to the medical communities on Long Island, but no specifics were provided.


Dr. Kaushansky indicated that he planned to recruit 25 scientist/physicians and 50 doctors to the East Campus over the next several years.

Subcommittee Reports

This campus will reopen with a “Semester by the Sea” program for Marine Sciences
and a Creative Arts Graduate Program, including Theatre Arts, with pilot programs being tested in Fall 2012. A limited number of dorms would be open but without food services being provided.  This need will be met by use of available vendors in the area.

Student would need to pay higher tuition/fees to live there than on main campus because of the differential costs involved.  The subcommittee was asked to look into the impact of the expanded Creative Arts Program at Southampton on the relevant programs on the main Stony Brook campus, particularly to get the views of the faculty in the effected departments.  The subcommittee is waiting for actual cost estimates of running these programs at Southampton.

Strategic Planning
This subcommittee has met with the deans of CAS, CEAS, Journalism, and is meeting April 8th with Manny London, Dean of the College of Business.  The subcommittee was asked to also consult with Provost Kaler on the overall campus strategic plan.

Flow of Funds
The full CAPRA committee was asked to consider the relevant questions that could be put to the 3-year dataset that this subcommittee has collected.

College of Business
This subcommittee will provide the members of CAPRA with the COB’s strategic plan, and hold a discussion of it at the CAPRA meeting of April 8th.