February 18, 2011

ATTENDING: Norm Goodman, Bill Godfrey, Darren Chase, Jackie Collier, Ben Hayashi, Gene Katz, Larry WittIe, Michael Chiarello;

GUEST:  Provost Eric Kaler

Provost Kaler reported on SUNY/ SBU budget cuts.  Cumulative budget cuts to SBU over the past two years and the current year are approx. a $63 million loss, or -20% budget allocations.  SUNY was counting on a 5% tuition increase to help defray those cuts, but the Governor did not include the increase in his State Budget.  The latest cuts leave SBU in a funding crises “$9.5 million worse than we expected.”
In brief:

  • Approx.  44% reduction of total State allocations for SBU and related.
  • Provost Kaler does not expect the State Legislature to provide remuneration of funds to the SUNY budget.
  • Loss of $55 million in State support for SBU Medical Center and Hospital (100% of support)
  • The Academic Side at SBU has been protected in previous rounds of budget counts.  It cannot be protected during this current round.
  • Cuts to Academic Side = $14 million in Provostial
  • “Personnel will be cut, faculty will be cut.” 
  • Programs will likely be eliminated.  Criteria will be developed to help determine whether programs should be eliminated, including:
    • Centrality to SBU  Higher Ed mission
    • the cost/benefit of the program
    • Student Demand
    • Excellence and National/International recognition
    • Future of Program(s)
  • SBU Administration is in the process of developing a response to the budget cuts
  • Bain Report will suggest efficiencies of scale, and savings in a number of areas
  • “No decisions have been made in terms of cutting across the board.”

Notes by Darren Chase