Attending:  Norm Goodman, Michael Chiarello, Kane Gillespie, Gene Katz, Denise Fillion, Denise Snow, Alexandra Valdes, Paul Bingham, Bill Godfrey, Larry Wittie

Discussion of election of new Chair or Co-Chairs: No member felt experienced enough to act as either Chair of Co-Chair. Therefore, it was proposed that Denise Snow, as a member of the Executive Council, would seek permission of the Council to allow Norm and Bill to remain as Co-Chairs for another term.

  Norm Goodman gave an overview of CAPRA for the new committee members. The work of CAPRA is through the subcommittees. The agenda for this meeting is to review those subcommittees to ascertain whether to continue or discontinue those committees:

  • Stony Brook Manhattan subcommittee

One half of the facility is now closed and budgetary issues remain. Decision: Continue subommittee

  • College of Business subcommittee

Review of the subcommittee’s findings- This is the second largest undergraduate program on campus and is taught primarily by adjuncts. As stated in the previous minutes, given the current budget situation, it seems quite unlikely that there will be funds available to hire a sufficient number of tenure/tenure-track faculty to meet accreditation standards, although it should be noted that there is a new Dean and Paul will meet with him to discuss the situation.
The following are the three recommendations of the subcommittee:

  • Disband because the program is not accredited and reallocate the funds to other campus academic units;
  • Maintain as is, that is , as a large undergraduate program;
  • Find money for lines as needed.

Decision: Continue this subcommittee to pursue the administration’s response to the above

  • Flow of Funds subcommittee

There was no new information from this subcommittee, which continues to review the massive of amount of data it has already collected. Decision: Continue subcommittee.

       4. Songdo Initiative subcommittee
This proposal is in abeyance. Decision: Discontinue Committee.

      5. Southampton subcommittee
How are the various proposed plans being implemented? Decision: Continue subcommittee.

      6. Masters Degrees subcommittee- documents created by University Senate should be reviewed.            
           Decision:  Continue subcommittee.

     7. Library subcommittee- Despite numerous changes, still issues. Also, Provost has set up faculty advisory committee. Decision:  Bill will be our liaison to the Senate Library Services Committee.

  • Other Business

 Strategic Plan: How are the various plans being integrated, if at all?

Reorganization of Arts and Sciences: the reorganization is in abeyance primarily because of new Dean, but some combining of departments may occur. Provost has stated that CAPRA and Senate will be involved.

Dan Melucci is retiring and is temporarily being replaced by his deputy, Mark Maciulaitis.

Other possible CAPRA issues to address:

    • Budget cuts
    • Capping enrollment? - Possibly a CAPRA issue.
    • Bain: is the Administrative review within CAPRA purview? Action- invite Bain representatives to our meeting. Additionally, there will be a faculty advisory committee to evaluate the BAIN findings and recommendations.
    • Budget under Provost- 400-500 positions will be lost although some will opt for early retirement.
    • CAPRA needs to be part of Provost’s committees that will be 1) evaluating graduate programs and 2) considering eliminating or combining academic programs/units.
    • Facilities planning- is anyone evaluating class planning such as classroom scheduling, size, faculty performance, etc?
  • Next Meeting Dates

October 1, 15, and 29; November 12; December 13.  All meetings are from 2:30 to 4:00 in the Senate Conference Room (126 Psychology B).  We agreed that there would be a rotation of note takers for the meetings, and that Norm would put these notes into final form as minutes for circulation to the committee.  In a separate memo, committee members will be asked to select a meeting to serve in this capacity.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise Snow