Paul Bingham, Michael Chiarello, Jackie Collier, Denise Fillion, Kane Gillespie, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Gene Katz, Joan Kuchner, Denise Snow

Report from the recent SUNY Faculty Senate meeting at Alfred

There has been an additional budgetary cut to SUNY of $23,250,000 that was contained in Governor Paterson’s budget anticipating union “give backs” that never materialized.  Stony Brook’s likely share of the cut was likely to be approximately $2.5 million (at the most recent meeting of the University Senate, President Stanley reported that the cut to Stony Brook was actually $3,286,600)

Chancellor Zimpher spoke about her efforts to establish a more productive relationship with the legislature, and to reconfigure last year’s PHEEIA proposal to focus on the parts most likely to be enacted in the future (perhaps including streamlining the purchasing process, easing the establishment of public/private partnerships, differential tuition).

COO Rimai summarized the increasingly dire budget situation.

Provost Lavallee talked about plans to establish program collaboration and joint hiring between campuses that would improve efficiency by supporting common needs, and to decrease demand by limiting transfer students to those who have completed an AA or AS degree because they are more likely to earn their baccalaureate degree in about four semesters.  At most SUNY campuses, the size of the next freshman class will be limited to Fall 2009 enrollment level.

Two resolutions were passed at this Plenary Meeting. One was a general statement on the need for campus governance to be involved in decisions about reduction/elimination of programs, and the other was specific to the negative impacts and implications of the decision to close admissions to five programs in the Humanities at U Albany.

There was discussion about the likelihood that the economic situation will not improve for at least two years. There was also discussion about why the word ‘retrenchment’ is being avoided (for example, in the U Albany decisions), and how that illustrates the need for campus governance to be involved.

Reports from CAPRA subcommittees

There is no new information; the subcommittee’s activities are being held in abeyance pending the expiration of the lease on December 31, 2010 of the space at 301 Park Avenue South.

Strategic Planning
The subcommittee is in the process of talking to all of the Deans and to the Strategic Planning committees.  It has already met with Dean Nancy Squires of the College of Arts and Sciences and is arranging to meet with Dean Yacov Shamash of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

This subcommittee needs to select a chair and begin collecting information on how the newly started (or expanded) MA/MS programs are working.  A good place to start would the recent documents by Michael Schwartz, immediate past president of the University Faculty Senate and Dylan Selterman, past president of GSO, which Norm Goodman will provide to the subcommittee.  It was suggested that in addition to meeting with faculty in these programs, the subcommittee consider arranging for surveys of students completing these programs regarding their satisfaction with the program, its utility for employment, further education, etc.  The subcommittee will contact both the Alumni and Career Development Offices for this purpose.

There are no new details since the transfer of programs from Southampton to the Stony Brook campus announced last spring is still in the courts.

The School of Business is developing a strategic plan, which is expected to be complete in January.  It is apparently considering decreasing its undergraduate enrollment and increasing the number of its MBA students.  The subcommittee will continue to be in touch with Dean London on the progress of this plan.

Flow of Funds
No report available.

New Business
Gene Katz suggested that perhaps CAPRA should be thinking about what should be done if the budget situation continues to deteriorate with no relief in sight. Is it better to continue to apply necessary cuts across the board, or to make targeted reductions?  Members of CAPRA are urged to consider this issue.

Norm Goodman will invite the newly appointed Dean of the School of Medicine and Senior Vice President of the Health Sciences Center, Kenneth Kaushansky to the next meeting of CAPRA to discuss the East Campus budget.