Attending:  Ora Bouey, Ernie Burton, Alan Calder, Kane Gillespie, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Ashley Gosselin-Kdari, Gene Katz, Daria Semegen, Larry Wittie, Jane Yahil

Subcommittee reports:  The meeting was scheduled to focus on subcommittee reports, but only two written reports have been submitted so far.  Norm will ask the relevant subcommittee chairs for these as yet unavailable written report. 

Other business:  There was a discussion about the rumor of an impending appointment of a highly reputable scholar from the University of California, San Diego as Dean of the SBU Medical School.  There was also a discussion and concern expressed about the appointment of the Interim Dean of the School of Nursing as the Dean despite the fact that she was not vetted as a candidate by the Search Committee.

There is a possibility of an unpaid one-day-a-week furlough for all faculty and staff (excluding hospital personnel) until a state budget has been passed.  However, there is no definitive information as yet as to whether this will actually occur.  There was some question as to whether UUP might negotiate a deferral of the salary increase for two years in lieu of furloughing faculty and staff.  No information was available as to whether UUP has considered this possibility.

The worst case scenario for a budget cut to SBU is in the neighborhood of $50 million, but is more likely to be about $33.5 million. 

PHEEIA is opposed by the chair of the New York State Assembly Committee on Higher Education (Ms. Deborah Glick), who believes that tuition should be free at SUNY and CUNY.  However, the state legislature has not provided the level of funding to allow that to happen.  There is some discussion in Albany about moving SUNY from its status as a “state agency” to the budget category of “aid to localities,” similar to CUNY and the SUNY Community Colleges, which would take it out of direct budgetary control of the governor and eliminate his ability to make cuts that are not subject to legislative oversight.

The Flow of Funds Subcommittee has received some new budget information from FY 09 and has now asked for data on individual transactions in the provostial area and other relevant data.  Budgetary information will be requested from Peter Baigent for Student Affairs.

The newly appointed Vice President for Research, Jack Marburger, has made data available on his website that can be useful to CAPRA’S deliberations.  Also, since this position is a university-wide one, it includes data from the East Campus as well. 

President Stanley uses the University Council to assist him in budget planning decisions.  However, given the uncertainty surrounding the specifics of the New York State and SUNY budgets, he is loathe to make multi-year plans for expected budget cuts.  At the present time, the only non-administrators on the University Council and involved in the campus’s budgetary plans are the presidents of the University Senate, GSO, and USG.  However, Provost Kaler has involved CAPRA in his budgetary planning process.