CAPRA Meeting, December 3, 2010


 Michael Chiarello, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Ben Hayashi, Gene Katz, Joan Kuchner, Jayne Yahil, Larry Wittie

Guest: Mark Maciulaitis

Budget Update by Mark Maciulaitis

 There are no further cuts expected this year. There is a $30 million gap for 2010-2011. There is a $6.7 million savings from Southampton. Next year there is a $19.5 million budget gap with a $10 million cut. There is expected to be a 5% tuition increase though this depends on Governor Cuomo and the Legislature. New York State’s financial problems are expected to continue for the next 2-3 years with the worse case scenario of $28 million/year. There is a cash reserve-contingency fund of $15 million currently.  There is some concern over necessary grant support since NIH is only funding about 8% of all submitted grant proposals.  It is clear that the current fiscal crisis is not ordinary; it is profound.

Gyrodyne Property

Jayne Yahil reported that the Gyrodyne case and court decision in the case of the purchase of this property 6 months ago is that Stony Brook owes $85 million more for the land.  However, President Stanley feels this is a NYS issue and not a Stony Brook campus issue.

Baine Consultants on Administrative Efficiency

Baine consultants are working on ways that our campus can “re-do business,” based on a re-organization plan. The current prediction is a $20-30 million savings after all is completed. This could take years to accomplish. It is expected that Academic lines will be affected. The current filled FTE level is 135 less than last year and is expected to decrease further with increased retirement numbers. There is a concern with the loss of “institutional memory/skills” with key people and many senior administrators leaving.
Currently there are 117 people that have retired, including 5 faculty.

Reports from the CAPRA subcommittees


The subcommittee has met and the following are its findings:  There are currently no assessments ongoing of any masters programs. There are no current surveys being completed by the Alumni office. The plan is that the subcommittee will develop a survey utilizing survey monkey with 5-7 questions including information related to loans, jobs, and satisfaction of programs, recommendations and qualifications of faculty. Survey will be sent out by the GSO.

College of Business

Senior administrators are working with the College to assist in obtaining their accreditation. Interim Dean Manny London is doing a great job. Eleven new faculty have been hired. It was suggested that the plan for accreditation should go to the governance structure before going to administration.

Flow of Funds

No report.


No report

Strategic Planning

The subcommittee will meet next with the Dean of Engineering in its continuing task of gathering information relative to the strategic plan.


No new information