Attending:  Alan Calder, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Gene Katz, Joan Kuchner, Alan Tucker, Larry Wittie, Jane Yahill

Subcommittee reports:

Songdo subcommitteeThe report of this subcommittee was sent to the University Senate Executive Committee and will form part of the report from the Executive Committee on the Songdo Initiative.

Library subcommittee:  The work of this subcommittee has been superceded by the outside “Blue Ribbon Panel” set up by Provost Kaler, and which has submitted a report to him that took into account a survey of library users sponsored by the University Senate Executive Committee.

MA/MS subcommittee:  A University Senate subcommittee was established on this issue, and members of the CAPRA subcommittee were also members of it and included the findings of the CAPRA subcommittee in the Senate committee’s deliberations.

College of Business subcommittee:  It has essentially finished its task and needs to file a final written report, including specific recommendations regarding the viability of the College in the present economic circumstance.

SBU Manhattan:  It is gathering appropriate information and will report on its findings at a later CAPRA meeting.

Flow of funds subcommittee:  It continues to gather necessary data and solicits input for CAPRA members on the types of analysis that would be most useful to perform on these data.  The subcommittee will seek budget information from the Vice President of Student Affairs to complement its data on the Provost’s budget.

Southampton subcommittee:  This issue, was also taken over by a committee established by the University Senate Executive Committee, but is chaired by Alan Tucker. 
Meeting with Provost Kaler:  Alan Calder, Norm Goodman, and Alan Tucker, representing CAPRA, met with Provost Kaler to discuss the current budget situation.  The current expectation is that SBU will have to deal with an impending $33.5 M budget cut.  Provost Kaler is working to protect the academic core as much as possible, which will require cuts in various administrative offices.  CAPRA will be included in the budget decision process through its representatives.

Agenda items for next year:  The committee was asked to indicate those topics that need to be continued into next year and any new topics that CAPRA should consider.  Since the Songdo Initiative is currently on “hold,” the Blue Ribbon Commission’s report has led to changes in the Library, the MA/MS issue is being dealt with by a University Senate committee, and the College of Business subcommittee has completed its work, none of these needs to be continued into next year.  It was agreed that it was important to take advantage of the data that the Flow of Funds subcommittee has acquired and pose specific questions on the use and effectiveness of these resources for the units to which they have been allocated.  It was also suggested that impact on the proposed budget cuts to ascertain their effect on the academic programs.  The new Vice President for Research has made financial information available on his website and CAPRA should explore the implications of these data for supporting campus research and scholarship.  Also, given the public announcement that the residential component of the campus will be eliminated to contribute $6.7 M to the expected budget cut, CAPRA might well examine the academic effect of this decision.  It was made clear that the Creative Writing program will continue at Southampton as will its site as a field station for SOMAS. 

The members of CAPRA were urged to consider further issues for next year to discuss at its final meeting on May 7th.