Attending:  Ora Bouey, Alan Calder, Darren Chase, Shamell Forbes, Kane Gillespie, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Gene Katz, Ashley Gosselin-Kdari, Joan Kuchner, Daria Semegen, Alan Tucker, Larry Wittie

1. Southampton subcommittee

At the November 2nd meeting of the University Senate, there was a panel discussion of the Southampton campus.  The subcommittee will digest the panel presentations and the discussion among the panel members and between the panel and the audience to decide what further action, if any, is required of it.  Gene Katz is to represent CAPRA on a yet-to-be-formed committee of the University Senate on Southampton.

2. MA/MS subcommittee

At its December 7th meeting, the University Senate will have a panel to discuss the administration’s interest in expanding its MA/MS programs and some of the procedures involved in doing so.  Future actions of this subcommittee will depend on the results of the discussion that will take place at the meeting of the University Senate.

3. Library subcommittee

The provost called upon a “Blue Ribbon Committee” of senior librarians from highly respected research universities to review the functioning of the Melville Libraries and to make recommendations to him as to any appropriate action to improve its condition.  This committee delivered a “scathing” report that will result in significant changes in both personnel and the functioning of the Melville Libraries.  Specifically, the provost indicated that there will be a new head of the Melville Libraries as soon as possible.   The report came down hardest on the Technical Services Department and the dean, which was consistent with earlier reports.

4. Songdo initiative subcommittee

Brent Lindquist has been visiting academic departments to inform them of the progress of this initiative.  In the meeting with the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Alan Calder reports that the concerns voiced by the CAPRA subcommittee apparently were heard.  At a meeting of the Executive Committee of the University Senate, Provost Kaler said that he will send the Memorandum of Understanding to CAPRA or to the President of the Senate.

Though many universities have international study abroad and exchange programs, including in South Korea, there are not many examples outside of the Middle East of the establishment of branch campus for undergraduate programs.  Also, there is still no agreed-upon program to provide for the DEC requirements for a Stony Brook degree.

5. Flow of funds subcommittee

No report.  However, there was a discussion of the current state of the SUNY budget.  SUNY received a $90M cut and the chancellor established a committee to prioritize the cuts rather that to allocate them across the board by the usual formula.  The result is that Stony Brook’s share of the cut was about $8M rather than the $12M that would have been the case on the basis of the usual formula.   Hope for budgetary relief lies with the SUNY Flex bill, which is in the Legislature.  This bill would allow for differential tuition, leasing of university property and land for purposes consistent with the campus mission, and would provide considerable regulatory relief from New York State bureaucratic requirements.  The bill, however, is opposed by UUP and some key legislators.

6. Stony Brook Manhattan subcommittee

No information at present.  Gene Katz will meet with Dan Melucci to find out what information is available.

7. College of Business subcommittee

The subcommittee was asked to make some recommendations as to what would be needed
over the next few years to allow the CoB to be accredited.  Right now, there is no progress on
making the CoB accreditable.   It was suggested that, among other things, there would be a need
to increase the connections between CoB and relevant academic departments.

8. Other business

The provost is considering a reconfiguration of the way in with TA/GA positions are allocated.  A question was raised as to whether this is an issue for CAPRA or the Graduate Council.  Norm will check with Eric about his actual plans about this reconfiguration.