Attending:  Melanie Bonnette, Ora Bouey, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Alan Tucker

  •  Bill Godfrey and Norm Goodman’s report re:  meeting with Provost Kaler

Bill and Norm met with Provost Kaler, who couldn’t attend either this or the next meeting to discuss his views on process to handle the suspected mid-year budget cuts and the rumored reorganization of the College of Arts and Sciences.  Provost Kaler indicated that both issues are related to President Stanley’s plan to develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the campus.  He indicated that any possible reorganization of the College of Arts and Sciences would probably be something that would be discussed in the context of this comprehensive strategic plan.  As of now, there is no specific plan to reorganize the College of Arts and Sciences.  Similarly, the process of dealing with any mid-year budget cuts would of necessity be based on the to-be-developed strategic plan.  Provost Kaler indicated that he would be sending a memo on these issues to all West Campus faculty very shortly.

  • Sondong campus (South Korea) initiative

There was a considerable discussion of this initiative based on the power point presentation of Brent Lindquist to the University Senate on September 14th, which Norm had forwarded to all members of CAPRA.  In addition to the lack of any governance involvement in a project that has been underway for almost two years, considerable concern was expressed about the lack of information on the proposed operating budget, long-term financing, the consequences  to the Stony Brook campus of having numbers of its faculty move for varying periods of time to teach at the Songdong  campus, the choice of programs to provide at Songdong and related curricular issues, criteria for hiring, promoting and tenuring faculty hired specifically for the Songdong campus, the range of student services available, academic and administrative support services, whether international students drawn to the Songdong campus would reduce the number and diversity of international students coming to Stony Brook, etc.

A subcommittee consisting of Melanie Bonnette, Alan Calder, and Kane Gillespie was set up to draft specific questions for Brent Lindquist when he attends the next, special CAPRA meeting on Friday, October 2nd.

  • Subcommittee structure

There was a brief discussion of the subcommittees needed to carry out CAPRA’s responsibilities.  The ones that were suggested, and their tentative membership, are as follows:

  • Flow of funds (Larry Witte, chair, Kane Gillespie, Norm Goodman)
  • College of Business (Paul Bingham, chair, Alan Tucker)
  • Southampton (Bill Godfrey, chair, Jane Yahil)
  • MA/MS (Irene Solomon, chair, Alan Calder, Joan Kuchner)
  • Songdong initiative (Melanie Bonnette, convenor, Alan Calder, Kane Gillespie)
  • Stony Brook Manhattan (Jane Yahil

However, all members of CAPRA were asked to volunteer to serve on at least two subcommittees and to let Norm or Bill know which ones they preferred to be on before or at the committee’s meeting this Friday.