Attending:  Paul Bingham, Alan Calder, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Susan Lieberthal, Irene Solomon, Jane Yahil

The meeting began at 3:35 P.M.

Election:  Bill Godfrey and Norm Goodman were unanimously re-elected co-chairs
for the 2008-2009 academic year

Budget Update:  Bill Godfrey and Norm Goodman represent the University Senate on the Campus Budget Advisory Committee.  Bill and Norm discussed the current budget situation, noting that the latest information was contained in President Kenny’s September 2, 2008 memo to the campus community.  It was, however, pointed out the original requirement for SUNY to encumber $109 million in various IFR accounts was now “off the table.”  However, in addition to the early mandated 3.35 % cut for all state agencies (SUNY included) the governor is now requiring an additional 7 % cut.  It has been pointed out by many leaders within the SUNY system that that level of budget cut, 10.35 %, is unsustainable especially once the academic year has begun.  Since 95 % of the Stony Brook campus budget is tied up in personnel and utility costs, there is little room to accommodate this level of budget reduction without drastic consequences to the functioning of the campus.

Norm provided a handout from the Campus Budget Advisory Committee that showed how the State Purpose Funds are allocated on the campus to the various sectors.  In the discussion that ensued, Bill and Norm pointed out that CUNY, the SUNY Community Colleges, and the Bundy aid provided to the private colleges and universities were not included in either of the two mandated cuts since they are not “state agencies.”  Also, Bill mentioned that while SUNY’s budget was cut substantially (and, to a lesser degree, the budgets of CUNY, the Community Colleges, and Bundy aid), the governor’s budget allocated an additional $1 billion to local school aid for k-12.  Bill suggested that the governor may well re-arrange the budget priorities at a special session of the Legislature.

Presidential Search Committee:  Jane was concerned about the representation on this committee, especially the lack of inclusion of certain deans.  It was pointed out that the provost is on the committee as the campus’ principal academic representative.

2008-2009 Work Agenda:  There are several of the subcommittees whose work needs to be continued.  Specifically, Kane’s subcommittee that provided several Tables of Organization for various parts of the campus that indicating the reporting lines within the administration needs to follow-up its effort to chart the flow of resources across these administrative offices, if that is possible.  Also, there is still a lack of information about the way in which the budget for Southampton’s library may impact the library budget for the Stony Brook campus; Bill’s subcommittee needs to follow this up.  Irene’s subcommittee on M.A. programs may focus on problems in specific departments, and the work of Mary LaCorte’s (who is no longer on CAPRA) subcommittee on the viability of the School of Business needs to be reviewed in light of the changed budget situation that decreases the likelihood of the faculty hires the dean believed necessary to obtain accreditation.

Norm mentioned that the CAPRA has been asked to review the “Stony Brook University Learning Space Policy and Procedures,” a copy of which he sent to committee members at the end of last year and which will be appended to these minutes.  There is a need to expedite our review of this document.

A question was raised about whether the campus space survey had been completed and that needs to be followed up.

Meeting Schedule: There was agreement to return to our 2:30 P.M. meeting time on alternate weeks starting on September 26th, when we should have more information on the budget.  Consequently, our meetings for the Fall semester are:  September 26, October 10, 24, November 7, 21, and December 5.  The Campus Budget Committee will be meeting on some Fridays at 2:00 P.M.  Should these meetings conflict with the schedule above, we will rearrange the relevant meeting of CAPRA.

The meeting ended at 4:30 P.M.