Attending:  Paul Bingham, Alan Calder, Bill Godfrey, Norm Goodman, Joan Kuchner, Susan Lieberthal, Luigi Longobardi, Daria Semegen, Alan Tucker, Larry Wittie, Jane Yahil

The meeting began at 2:35 P.M.

Norm Goodman’s report

The interim SUNY Chancellor, John Clark, has resigned effective December 31, 2008.  The Chancellor’s Search Committee is continuing its work and is seeking to have a Chancellor named by the end of the year.  It appears that there are two internal (i.e., SUNY presidents) and at least three external candidates being considered at present.

Norm reported that he and Paul Bingham will represent CAPRA on the Provost’s Strategy Advisory Board.

In response to discussions at the previous meeting of CAPRA, Norm sent an e-mail to Brent Lindquist about obtaining the raw data used for the West Campus Space Survey and to Beverly Rivera about a user-friendly mechanism for faculty to reserve academic rooms.  Those e-mails and the responses are attached to these minutes.

In the context of the discussion about relevant data and agreements, there was consensus on the need to keep permanent records of these and to maintain a back-up system for them.

Subcommittee reports


Bill Godfrey referred to the written report he had circulated previously to the committee.  He indicated that there was still an ongoing search for a Dean for the Southampton campus, but given the current budget situation, the administration apparently has a contingency plan should the search not be successful. 

There was some question about the number of faculty at Southampton.  Specifically, there is a lack of clarity about the number of tenure track faculty, their vetting by and their connection to the relevant departments on the Stony Brook campus.  Also, there is uncertainty about the nature of faculty governance for this campus, which includes the oversight of curriculum as well as policies and procedures for faculty hiring, promotion and tenure.  Bill’s committee was asked to pursue the issue of governance at Southampton.

There was some discussion about the exact terminology to describe Southampton’s relationship to the Stony Brook campus.  It is generally terms a “branch campus,” though there is some difference between Stony Brook and SUNY System Administration as to this terminology.

Master degree programs

Irene Solomon couldn’t attend this meeting, but Alan Calder gave a report of the subcommittee’s activities.  He mentioned that the subcommittee will be meeting with the Chair of Physics and Astronomy on its program.  Alan pointed out the increasing importance the administration places on terminal M.A. programs to aid in the current budgetary situation.  It was noted that Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, and Political Science have large terminal M.A. programs.  Alan Calder will discuss the terminal M.A. programs in Computer Science and in Applied Mathematics and Statistics with, respectively, Larry Witte and Alan Tucker.  At a meeting with Department Chairs, the Provost indicated that 45% of the tuition revenue generated by these programs will be returned to the department.

Flow of funds among administrative offices

Larry Witte and Kane Gillespie met with several campus budget officials to discuss CAPRA having access to relevant and appropriate budget data to be able to carry out its responsibilities. They were successful in securing from these officials access to these data on the condition that they be kept confidential within CAPRA.  A copy of Larry’s report is attached to these minutes.

College of Business

There are many students in the program, but it is understaffed and underfunded.  More importantly, it lacks the number of full-time tenure-track faculty to gain accreditation, which puts our students at a disadvantage in the job market.  According to the Provost, this College is making money for the campus, but it is not clear whether that revenue is allocated back to the College or absorbed into the general campus budget.  It was agreed that, in general, more transparency in where the funds generated by departments are allocated would be a wise administrative practice.

The meeting ended at 4:10 P.M.