Stony Brook University
University Senate
University Environment Committee
September 28, 2010
Psychology B - Senate Conference Room
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Attending: John Robinson, Chair; Paul Siegel - Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: John Murray, Robert Aller, John Shandra, Anne Ellefson, Eric Lamberg, Paula DiPasquale-Alvarez and Gary Mar

Excused: Gil Hanson, Nancy Balkon, Matt Lammens, and Fred Walter

Guests: John Sparano, Malcolm Bowman, and Brittany Wait

Meeting called to order by: John Robinson 2:08PM

1 - Introductions – John Robinson passed around agenda, sign-in sheet and introduced new members.

2- Review of the Minutes – Minutes from the April 9, 2010 meeting unavailable to approve and will be submitted for approval at the next meeting on October 19, 2010.

  • John Robinson announced the elections for chair for the committee with a full quorum.  Paul nominated John Robinson. John spoke on behalf of his tenure and his plans to keep the mission on target. Paul suggested to continue dialogue but also to champion the campus environment and how to stay focused.
  •  Nick read the results of the Elections for Chair of the committee with unanimous decision to elect John Robinson.
  • John will reach out with the Administration to communicate the committee’s mission in an advisory role. Paul suggested it is a good idea to reach out and perhaps have a chance to meet at the VP office. Malcolm acknowledged that this is a public institution and it belongs to all of us as a community. Robert shared his view that this committee is now thriving and strong with new membership.
  • Paul brought up that there is no representation for project 50 and perhaps John should be involved.
  • Robert mentioned the Bain Consultant group presented at University Senate meeting that there are 3 components to the plan. It was suggested there should be fourth component with the environment for a master plan.
  • Malcolm asked for a motion to have a member of this committee be appointed to the project 50 steering committee to represent campus environmental interests.
  • John Shandra suggested that this needs to be broader for representation and full support for the environment on campus.
  • Motion was approved and seconded Robert unanimously.

Status Reports – John Robinson

  • Environment Master Plan – John Robinson

Not discussed at this meeting

  • East Campus Environment Committee – Catherine Horgan

Not discussed at this meeting

Sub-Committee Reports

  • Parking Study Group – Paul Siegel
  • Malcolm mentioned about the parking needs for the new building Simons Center. A discussion was held about additional parking.
  • Paul mentioned that parking was expanded and not taken away from Simons.
  • Nick mentioned ~20 yrs ago three garages were proposed on the main campus for the master plan which never happened due to the high cost of construction and maintenance for garage space.
  • Paul said there should be an emphasis to protect the environment and consider the impact of parking on campus.
  • Friends of Ashley Schiff – Paul Siegel

Paul talked about the Friends of Ashley Schiff and how to keep it preserved. John Toll’s documentation and preserve dedication was held at the site. Former President Shirley Strum Kenney signed to support for permanent protection before she retired. Paul also mentioned that Arthur Shertzer, President of UUP would like to be involved with the protection for the preserve and would like to support from the President. The Town of Brookhaven and other local politicians are fully supportive for the longevity of the preserve.


  • Lake Brianna is a recharge basin, north of main entrance. This has the designation by the DEC for a protected wetland. There is a possibly to convert it to a living laboratory, ecology aspects as well as making it accessible. Malcolm mentioned that Legal Council was OK with that and a cost estimate to remove part of the fencing was established. Due to budget issues, the administration cannot fund this due to budgetary constraints at a cost of ~$36,000. A recommendation was to reduce the Scope of Work to possibly have a portion of the fence removed.
  • Robert was asked by Barbara Chernow to join the study for bike path use on campus. Commuting on campus for cyclist seems to be growing with accessible routes.
  • Robert brought up another point of business. Cooper Robinson should be invited to meet for the facilities plan, Environmental sensitive plan and we should request to review the plan. Robert suggested John Robinson to reach out or be part of the discussion. Cooper Robinson is an urban architectural planning group hired by the University for the future looking forward to the next 50 yrs.

John will confirm our next meeting which is tentatively scheduled for October 19th. Meeting adjourned 3:20 pm.