Stony Brook University
University Senate
University Environment Committee
April 9, 2010
Psychology B - Senate Conference Room
2:00 – 3:30 pm

Attending: John Robinson, Chair; Paul Siegel - Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: John Murray, Angel Gonzalez, Godlind Johnson, Robert Aller and Gil Hanson
Excused: Julia Link, Fred Walter, Catherine Horgan, Dorothy Shannon Schiff, and Muriel Weyl and

Guests: John Sparano, Malcolm Bowman

Meeting called to order by: John Robinson 2:05PM

Introductions – John Robinson passed around agenda.

Review of the Minutes – Motion to accept the minutes from March 4, 2010 was approved by Paul and seconded by Bob Aller.  All approved unanimously with no abstentions.

Status Reports – John Robinson

  1. Robert spoke about the PHEEIA and how it relates to the environmental master plan. Turns property infrastructure to each campus and ground leases up to 60 yrs with limited oversight. John Robinson brought this up as well as Paul that a resolution in spirit can be brought to the table and we establish a quorum. Gill agreed with a positive note and perspective for the future environmental concerns. Robert will bring to the table and draft a copy for the committee.
  2. Robert brought up the SUNY Empower and Innovation Act to raise concerns about the proposed plan and issues that the responsibility to educate the community for a broader concept. Gill felt we should be a part of the community and more involved with them while helping them by sharing a link from and the plan for the website information on

  1. Environment Master Plan – John Robinson
    1. Discussion on environmental master plan and parking concerns. John Sparano spoke about a consultant engineering firm although was not aware of the final details.
  2. East Campus Environment Committee – Catherine Horgan
    1. Catherine was not available at this meeting although expressed an interest to have a joint meeting with the East Campus.
  3. Lake Briana – John spoke with Barbara Chernow about a plan and is waiting to hear back.

Sub-Committee Reports

  1. Parking Study Group – Paul Siegel
    1. John invited Mary Ann Provost to speak about the parking situation and will like to meet at our next meeting. 
  2. Friends of Ashley Schiff – Paul Siegel
    1. Paul requested parking data and had mentioned a link that details parking regulations.$FILE/PRKD0010.pdf


John will confirm our next meeting which is tentatively scheduled for May. Meeting adjourned 3:20 pm.