Stony Brook University
University Senate
University Environment Committee
October 19, 2010

Attending: John Robinson, Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: John Murray, Robert Aller, Eric Lamberg, and Gary Mar  

Excused:  Paul Siegel, Paula Di Pasquale, John Shandra, Nancy Balkon, and Matt Lammens

Guests: Malcolm Bowman

Meeting called to order by: John Robinson 10:05 AM

1 - Introductions – John Robinson passed around agenda and Nick passed the sign-in sheet.

2- Review of the Minutes – Motion to approve the minutes from the April 9, 2010 by John Murray and seconded by Robert Aller all in favor and no abstentions. Minutes accepted. Motion to approve the minutes from September 28, 2010 by John Murray and seconded by Robert Aller all in favor and no abstentions. Minutes accepted.

Status Reports – John Robinson

  • Environment Master Plan – John Robinson
    • Discussion on the Campus Master Plan and how it is important to the committee. Fred Walter agreed that the Senate will work with the Administration to meet with a positive agenda. Robert mentioned that at the Senate meeting there is an incredible broad support from members along with others who agree that this needs to be addressed to the faculty, staff and students.
    • John R– spoke about Cooper Robertson and the facilities master plan. The State University Construction Fund (SUCF) follow-up as John would like to bring up the scope of concerns to apply on the facilities master plan. A suggestion was made to invite Fred Walters and Cooper to one of our meetings.
    • Robert A– There will be a presentation to be posted to all senators and on the website. There should be a co-equal to look at the review and consider a fourth element to the master plan.
    • John R– There is support in the minutes from 9-28-10 that states to have a member of this committee be appointed to the project steering committee. Part of the memo was read from the facilities 50 forward focus group as to look at the future. John would represent this committee as he will to contact Laurie to see who can be an alternate in the event he is not available which John M is willing to step up.
  • East Campus Environment Committee 
  • Not discussed at this meeting


Sub-Committee Reports

  • Parking Study Group – Paul Siegel
  • Not discussed at this meeting
  • Friends of Ashley Schiff – John Robinson
  • John R – Spoke about initiatives for 2010-2011 for item agenda for the protection of the Ashley Schiff Park Preserve and Lake Briana where there was support. Robert A. – mentioned there was an interest to support funding from an outside source for Lake Briana. There are some criteria for the work which includes removal of a portion of fence, minor repair work, pathway, etc… The Living Laboratory would be essential for the promotion for the campus.


  • Malcolm B – Inquiry about Marburger Drive about adding stop signs by South Campus to reduce speeding where the bus stops are a major drop off point. John R - Look at safety issues or traffic flow which can evaluate for campus safety at particular intersections. Malcolm – is proposing a roundabout by the new 600 bed dorm. Safety traffic and others should be set as fourth initiative for the environmental plan.
  • Robert A – will meet with the bike committee which Amy has initiated a bike exchange program on campus. Eric L – mentioned HSC has no place to lockup bikes.
  • Meeting adjourned 11:50 AM.

John will confirm our next meeting which is tentatively scheduled for November 23.