Stony Brook University
University Senate
Campus Environment Committee
November 6, 2009
VP Administration Conference Room
2:30 – 4:00 pm

Attending: John Robinson, Chair; N/A - Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: Catherine Horgan, John Murray, Robert Aller, Angel Gonzalez, Dorothy Shannon Schiff, Muriel Weyl and Gil Hanson

Excused: Wendy Fidao, Paul Siegel, Krupa Gohil, Mary Hotaling, Jonathan Mandel, Amandeep Pahar, Kathleen Weber, Julia Link, Fred Walter, and Dylan Selterman.
Staff: Barbara Chernow and Amy Provenzano

Guests: John Sparano, Malcolm Bowman, Justin Grimm- Greenblatt, Natalie Crnosija,

  • Meeting called to order by: John Robinson 2:40 PM.
  • Introductions – John Robinson - Introductions were made of all attendees. A request was made to the committee that we are looking for new membership to serve on the Campus Environment Committee. John announced that Paul Siegel agreed to be the Vice Chair as he accepted this role.
  • Review of the Minutes – Nick read the minutes from October 6th 2009 meeting and a motion to accept the minutes was approved by Catherine and seconded by Angel.  All approved unanimously with no abstentions.
    • A request was made that the minutes to be submitted earlier time frame as this will allow action items to be accomplished.
    • Please read the minutes prior to the meetings to be green and save on paper recycles.
  • Status Reports – A proposal was made to change the priorities in three categories presented by John Robinson for 2009/2010.
  • Natural area Preservation (NAP)
  • Innovation
  • QOL (Quality of Life) 
  1. A request was made to acquire a copy of the breakdown for the proposed NAP priorities.
  2. Innovation category - water management to be added under #3 as an addition to address this issue.
  3. John possibly may add that as a fourth category under innovation??
  4. We need an action plan and feedback to have those responsible for their roles.

1.         Environmental Master Plan – Amy Provenzano

  • There was a discussion on the Master Plan and environmental concerns were brought up in relationship to the capital plan.
  • Robert Aller was under the impression the campus wanted an integrated plan within the campus planning. A concern that there is no plan put in place and all other items would become sub items.
  • Gil said the master plan would be made by the consultants that are also considered within the CEC.
  • The master plan is being handled by the State University Construction Fund. It is currently going through the award phase. Members of the CEC asked to be included in the development stage of this plan, rather than just receive a presentation of the findings when the plan is complete.
  • Amy will confirm the level of involvement by the CEC in the plan.
  • John Robinson would like to have more input this time around for the stages prior to consultants completing the plan without the CEC support and collaborative effort.

2.         East Campus Environment Committee – Catherine Horgan

  • Catherine announced they will hold their second meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th
  • They aim to establish a goal in the academic year for recycling as well as collaborating with the Main Campus and Health Science to address the awareness within our community.
  • The Committee is actively recruiting new members in the Health Sciences Center although it is a challenge due to the demand of students, faculty and staff.

3.         Beautification Project for Lake Briana - John Robinson

  • Not discussed at this meeting

4.         Developments at the Research and Development Park – Amy Provenzano

  • Amy announced that AERTC is moving along nicely at the R&D Park
  • Robert Aller inquired whether the 3rd building is in planning stages. Amy responded that it is not yet in planning.
  • Amy also announced that the CEWIT (Center for Excellence Wireless Information Technology) is complete and occupied.
  • Building #17 is being occupied.
  • It was asked what happens to the sewer and the plan is to maintain their sewer locally on the R&D Park.

5.         Status of Hotel – Amy Provenzano

  • Barbara Chernow and Amy pointed out on the site photo the approximate location identifying the 11 acre parcel adjacent to the main entrance.
  • The proposed hotel building will be five stories and will feature a brick exterior façade similar in appearance to that of the Humanities building.
  • The entrance to the hotel will be on Circle Drive close to the garage rear entrance. 
  • The location was moved in response to concerns raised by faculty, staff and the community. The hotel entrance is now far away from the main entrance as possible.
  • The previous developer wanted the entrance to open on the main entrance.
  • A request was made to see the footprint of the building and site plan.
  • A site plan has not been completed yet by the developer and was not available at this meeting although the Administration would show the plan to the committee at a future meeting.
  • We hope to have site plan within 3-5 weeks so we may continue to work on the SEQRA report. State Environmental Quality Review Act(SEQRA)
  • Barbara briefly explained to the group what SEQRA consists of and the steps in order to accomplish this goal.
  • Malcolm and Gil asked if there will be public hearings and if there will be input from the CEC.
  • Barbara assured John and the committee that the Administration would like to hear from us as a group.
  • Muriel asked where the sign would be for the hotel. The response was the signage plan has not been established by the developer at this time. The developer will submit a signage plan with other required submittals.
  • Muriel asked if underground parking structure would be feasible. The answer was no considering the high cost. A surface lot is approximately $3500 per parking space and a garage spot is ten times that amount.
  • Muriel asked how much control Hilton would have over the campus and to consider it as part of the plan.
  • Barbara explained that the hotel will accommodate the thousands of guests and visitors who attend University events and activities every year as well as families of patients in the hospital.
  • John asked if there were comparable spaces vs. the hotel location on campus. It was shown on the campus photo there is limited open space and the demand is high for comparable space.
  • The ground lease states that it can only be built where it was approved as Malcolm acknowledged.  It was approved prior to Assemblyman Steve Englebright and Senator John Flannigan elected to office.
  • John would like to summarize the hotel issues dealing with parking, site conditions, and remediation of trees.

6.         Campus Sustainability Task Force/Recycling – Amy Provenzano

  • Amy announced that the group met a couple of times this year and one suggestion was a dormitory energy contest to cut down consumption.
  • This group just started a program for rechargeable batteries and cell phone boxes in buildings that will be given to charities, and if you don’t have one, please let them know.
  • This notice was presented to building managers although Catherine mentioned they don’t have them at the east campus yet.
  • They are working on a Newsletter for this group.
  • There is a program for paper shredding in bulk quantities which is located in central stores.
  • Malcolm asked what about old computers? The answer is that the property control department will take them if you coordinate with them.
  • Justin mentioned they saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel about shredding them and returning it into new materials.
  • John Sparano spoke about the Roth resident halls with window air conditioners. They are addressing the building envelope issues and building concerns that it is extremely uncontrollable due to temperature control. They are looking for alternative conditioning and performing cost analysis.
  • Gil asked if the master plan would have a role in making them sustainable for conditioning.
  • Nick suggested viewing the Facilities Design and Construction website that he added two links, one to the Dormitory Authority guidelines and one to the State University Construction Fund Initiatives and Directives.

7.         Smoking Policy – Gil Hanson

  • Not discussed at this meeting

8.         University Safety Committee – Paul Siegel

  • Not discussed at this meeting

9.          Parking and Transportation Subcommittee – Paul Siegel

  • Not discussed at this meeting

10.       Friends of Ashley Schiff – Malcolm Bowman

  • Malcolm Bowman announced that on October 10th, a re-celebration of Ashley Schiff turned out to be a success with the help from Paul Siegel the chair of the Friends of Ashley Schiff.
  • There was a tribute to Schiff, Psychology Garden and one on the North Forest on the campus mall with an interfaith service by the fountain with dedicated bronze plaques.
  • Another plaque was mounted on a rock on the north side of the Ashley Schiff Preserve adjacent to the information kiosk and sign.
  • The president was unavailable and Malcolm Bowman spoke with the President to consider the preserve permanent forever wild.
  • A bill was introduced and supported by Steve Englebright to have a permanent preserve on campus.



  1. John R. was contacted by a student who could not make the meeting although was curious if there was history of the zebra path adjacent to the Library.
  2. They questioned the committee if there were any objections to change the color from red back to black.
  3. Angel G. mentioned this issue to the graduate students as it presents a concern of what the colors are considering it is a zebra path which was originally black and white much like the real zebra.
  4. Robert A. asked who changed it and Gil mentioned it may have been higher in authority and there should be an opportunity to bring it back although weren’t sure who will address it.
  5. Justin suggested it may have been inspired by the marching band.
  6. John R. will suggest to the student that we as a committee don’t object the change from red to black although he can take it further up the chain of command.

4:27 pm meeting adjourned.

The next meeting tentatively scheduled for Friday December 11, 3:30 – 5:00 pm at the Office of the VP in the Administration Building.