University Senate
University Environment Committee
May 11, 2009
VP Administration Conference Room
2:30 – 4:30 pm

Attending: Gil Hanson, Chair; John Robinson, Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: Fred Walter, Dylan Selterman.

Excused: Wendy Fidao, Dorothy Shannon Schiff, Krupa Gohil, Muriel Weyl, , Mary Hotaling, Jonathan Mandel, Amandeep Pahar, Kathleen Weber and, John Murray, Julia Link, Paul Siegel and Catherine Horgan
Staff: Amy Provenzano

Guests: Malcolm Bowman. Peter Baigent of Student Affairs,

Meeting called to order by: Gil Hanson 2:34 PM.

  • Introductions – G. Hanson - Introductions were made of all attendees.
  • Review of the Minutes – A motion to approve minutes by Fred; approved seconded by John to accept the minutes. Amy requested changes to the minutes which were approved pending Amy’s changes.
  • Status Reports
  • Gil Hanson announced that Student Affairs will be a part of the committee and had discussed the charge to the committee.
  • Campus Environment Committee will be changed to University Environment Committee.
  • Undergraduate housing is currently under construction on a 600 bed residence hall and to be completed within the next 12 months.
  • The housing is in demand and Student Affairs can use 400 more beds.
  • Medical and dental student housing is limited in Chapin.
  • Recreation facilities are in demand and in process of building the Recreation Center starting this year as it is placed between the Student Union and the Pritchard Gymnasium. A ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for June 5.
  • There are plans to renovate two dining halls, Kelly and H quad. 
  • Peter is willing to participate in these meetings and open to feedback for the group.
  • Lackman has won the contract for the new food service on campus.
  • There are environmental impacts for issues such as parking, rain, etc. We should consider restoring the environment with lower maintenance initiatives for the university.
  • The grad students would like to be more involved and will be beneficial to the GSO

1.         Environmental Master Plan – Amy Provenzano

  • Nothing to report at this time

2.         East Campus Environment Committee – Catherine Horgan

  • Nothing to report at this time.

3.         Recharge Basins – John Robinson

  • John discussed highlights of a meeting regarding Lake Brianna with the DEC.
  • They are supportive of the enhancement of Lake Brianna area.
  • Next step to discuss topics such as legal, safety liability, recharge, wild life, etc..

2.         Developments at the Research and Development Park – Amy Provenzano

  • Nothing to report at this time.

3.         Status of Hotel

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.         Campus Sustainability Task Force/Recycling – Amy Provenzano

  • Executive Order 18 – new EO dealing with the elimination of bottled water purchased by any State agency.
  • Hospital Recycling – The Hospital has begun recycling bottles, cans and paper in public areas, nurses stations, break rooms, etc.
  • Buses to  R&D – buses do travel to R&D
  • Graduate Survival Guide – thanks to Angelo from the Graduate School, a member of the Sustainability Task Force, for suggesting and having implemented a limited printing and expanded electronic version of the Graduate Students Survival Guide.
  • Food Waste Composter – is on-line and operational at Roth Café taking pre-consumer and limited post-consumer food waste and producing compost that is used in the organic garden at SH.
  • A new Greenhouse was built in R&D and a question was raised on how it was heated. No one knew the answer as they will report back.
  • Recyclemania Results – the campus did outstanding this year – see attached chart.



Total # of Schools Entered

SBU's Standing

# of NY Schools Entered

SBU's Standing in NY

Gorilla Prize

Which school can collect the highest gross tonnage of recyclables, regardless of campus population





Per Capita Classic

Which school can collect the largest amount of acceptable recyclables per person





Waste Minimization

Which school produces the least amount of municipal solid waste per person





Grand Champion

Which school demonstrates the greatest achievement in both source reduction and recycling





Targeted Material - Paper

Which school can recycle the largest amount of paper per person






5.         Smoking Policy – Gil Hanson

  • Nothing to report at this time.

6.         University Safety Committee – Paul Siegel

  • Nothing to report at this time.

7.          Parking and Transportation Subcommittee – Paul Siegel

  • Dylan mentioned that the GSO passed a resolution as he will forward a copy to the committee.
  • Fred said it is becoming dangerous when students are talking on cell phones while they are walking through crosswalks between Library and the Student Union.

8.         Friends of Ashley Schiff – Malcolm Bowman

  • Malcolm announced that President Kenny signed a petition endorsing permanent protection and sent a letter to the Friends of Ashley Schiff.
  • It was discussed to bring the bill through the state legislature and have it move along to the next step.
  • Janice Rohlf of Government Relations was mentioned as she would be the point person to discuss how to accomplish this goal.


  • Nick announced that there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony endorsed by Assemblyman Steve Englebright, Senator John Flannigan, Congressman Tim Bishop, Suffolk County Legislator Vivian Viloria-Fisher, Brookhaven Town Councilman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld, DEC and the DOT. The new bike path for the Three Village Community Trust will dedicate the Greenway Bike path from Gnarled Hollow Road to east of Sheep Pasture Road. The 13 foot wide asphalt bike path would enhance the opportunity for students, faculty and staff to commute to the campus. The ribbon cutting which is slated for Saturday May 30, 2009 for Phase I of the project. Phase II will continue west to Setauket Renaissance/post office and east to Route 112 Main Street in Port Jefferson. The remaining project will be the start of the Rails to Trails which will continue to Wading River where the LIRR once traced the land.

3:21 pm meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be Monday June 8, at 2:30 pm at the Office of the VP in the Administration Building.