University Senate
Campus Environment Committee
March 9, 2009
VP Administration Conference Room
2:30 – 4:30 pm

Attending: Gil Hanson, Chair; John Robinson, Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary: Fred Walter, John Murray, Julia Link, Dylan Selterman, and Paul Siegel.

Excused: Wendy Fidao, Dorothy Shannon Schiff, Krupa Gohil, Muriel Weyl, Catherine Horgan, Mary Hotaling, Jonathan Mandel, Amandeep Pahar, Kathleen Weber and Malcolm Bowman
Staff: Amy Provenzano


Meeting called to order by: Gil Hanson 2:38 PM.

  • Introductions – G. Hanson - Introductions were made of all attendees.
  • Review of the Minutes – A motion to approve minutes; approved seconded to accept the agenda changes.
  • Status Reports
  • Gil discussed updated changes to the university senate committee charge.
  • The proposed agenda for the meeting as per page five of this document.
  • Proposed text change name to “University Environment Committee”. This will include Manhattan campus, Calverton, Long Island State Veterans Home and Southampton.
  • Discussion regarding the final approval to accept the proposed changes.

Proposed Change to the University Senate Committee Charge

Proposed text:

Change name to University Environment Committee
This committee shall examine all aspects of the university environment, including but not limited to conservation of natural areas, ecological preserves and historical artifacts; transportation; parking issues; infrastructure; facilities planning; human health issues; safety and security; energy efficiency; recycling; waste management; and general appearance of all university locations. It will consult with and advise the Vice-President for Facilities and Services and the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Existing Text:

It shall examine all aspects of the campus environment, including but not limited to safety, security, facilities planning, state of facilities, and general appearance of the campus. It will consult with and advise the Assistant Vice President for Facilities and Services.

1.         Environmental Master Plan – Amy Provenzano

  • Gil asked for committee members to be part of the selection process of the firm to conduct the master plan.
  • Amy to advise next meeting as to the process since this is a SUCF project, not managed by the campus.

2.         East Campus Environment Committee – Catherine Horgan

  • Amy received an email from Catherine that she could not attend today’s meeting but that Amy could report on the first meeting held last month.
  • There were great discussions, students involved, good attendance, tremendous amount of questions and follow-up.
  • The next meeting will be held tomorrow.
  • The committee will be meeting with representatives from the food service area on East Campus to discuss sustainable options.
  • Gil said it may be a great model for other campuses.

2.         Developments at the Research and Development Park – Amy Provenzano

  • Amy mentioned AERTC is moving along well and foundations are under construction.

3.         Status of Hotel

  • Nothing to report at this time.

4.         Campus Sustainability Task Force/Recycling – Amy Provenzano

  • Amy announced there were three meetings held so far for the energy task force.
    • It is a dynamic group with three working sub committees – communication, incentive based electricity conservation contests and energy efficient equipment purchases.
  • Amy announced the first Sustainability Newsletter was published and they are working on second edition based on 10 issues per year.
  • Amy spoke about her DC trip to talk about the transportation bill project.
  • There is a pilot program being conducted in the hospital to bail cardboard. Approximately 1 ton of cardboard per day is being generated by the hospital. They are seeking options for a permanent bailing location.

5.         Smoking Policy – Gil Hanson

  • Nothing to report at this time.

6.         University Safety Committee – Paul Siegel

  • Paul announced the committee will reconvene on March 19 and the committee to be re-charged from president. They are uncertain who will be on the committee other than Catherine and Paul.

7.          Parking and Transportation Subcommittee – Paul Siegel

  • Nothing to report at this time.

8.         Friends of Ashley Schiff – Malcolm Bowman

  • Paul mentioned the students gathered over 1000 petitions from the environment club to date.
  • Paul announced that this will be his last semester on multiple committees and has been accepted in a new doctoral program. He will stay on the committee for Ashley Schiff.


  • Gil will meet with Malcolm and Amy about Lake Brianna Monday the 16th beautification and inquire about Southampton.
  • Manhattan should be involved and see if they are available to speak about recycling.
  • Possible field trip to see Southampton Campus
  • Senate committee to meet this afternoon 3/9/09 as rescheduled from last week’s snow storm 3/2/09.
  • Motion to adjourn approved and seconded approved by all.

3:21 pm meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be Monday April 13, at 2:30 pm at the Office of the VP in the Administration Building.