Campus Environment Committee
June 17, 2008
VP Administration Conference Room
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Attending: Gil Hanson, Chair; Ramona Walls, Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary; Mary Hotaling, Kristen Nyitray, Fred Walter, Paul Siegel, and Kathleen Weber

Excused: Wendy Fidao, Catherine Horgan, John Robinson, Dorothy Shannon Schiff, Krupa Gohil, Muriel Weyl, John Murray
Staff: Amy Provenzano

Guests: Malcolm Bowman, Cynthia Dietz

Meeting called to order by: Gil Hanson at 1:00 PM (ended at 2:21 PM)

  • Introductions – G. Hanson

Introductions were made of all attendees

  • Review of the Minutes – Nick read the minutes from the last meeting were accepted and motion approved by Paul and Ramona seconded.
  • Status Reports

1.         Environmental Master Plan – Amy Provenzano

  • Amy spoke on behalf of Barbara Chernow that the proposed hotel will be situated on the same parcel with one change that there is no access from entrance road way. They are looking for a potential developer.
  • Ramona asked about parking lot and Amy wasn’t sure about the actual site to minimize the cutting of existing trees. Gil said they should have a screen from the campus and hotel.
  • Paul asked about green design for planning of the hotel and that the dorms were not. Could we be consulted on the status?
  • Amy said new dorms, AERTC as well as the Southampton library and the new sewage treatment plant at Southampton to be designed to LEED standards. AERTC is going for the Platinum rating and was not sure about other buildings.
  • Gil asked consideration about carbon footprint and not cutting trees.
  • Malcolm asked who the contractor for the hotel project was and Amy wasn’t sure. Malcolm spoke about issues to be considered.
  • Bob said this committee sent Richard Mann a letter about addressing site.
  • Malcolm said it would detract from the entrance to the campus building.
  • Do we want anyone else on this committee to oppose this hotel? Members past were not present at this meeting.
  • Fred said it would beneficial to have a hotel on campus although a discussion to find an alternative site would be helpful.
  • Gil and Ramona asked for motion as it is important to find an alternate site on campus.
  • Site was approved in past and Malcolm said a ground lease can be changed.
  • Bob said Dick Mann said locking a site was reference to a time where no requirements for union labor and any ties to changing the ground lease.
  • Bob would prefer the hotel site on an existing parking lot and put a garage underneath rather than taking trees out not far from the site.

2.         Developments at the Research and Development Park – Amy Provenzano

  • AMY said CEWIT is scheduled to open August 2008, Procurement is moving into Building 517 in the early fall, SHTM is in design, software incubator to move and photo voltaic panels to be installed on roof of Building 517. July they will complete installation of a greenhouse and to move to the R&D Park. Greenhouse at Southampton was re-built with additions of a pellet stove and a water collection system. An order was placed for an in-vessel food composting system to be placed at the new Roth café. It will utilize pre-consumer waste on from the café which is scheduled to be open in the fall.
  • Gil asked if the berms around the mini-Baja were permanent at the R&D park site. Amy followed up after the meeting and yes the berms are to stay. An earthen berm was chosen rather than a fence.
  • Gil emailed couple weeks ago about the mini Baja that the engineering students build their vehicles and race at the R&D. They were originally at the South P lot and moved to R&D.
  • Malcolm asked why the large mounds of soil berms and wasn’t sure why it was necessary around the perimeter of the site as it looks like a dump.
  • Malcolm pointed out on a campus map of the R&D site and was curious why the berm was piled high.
  • Paul asked about long term voltaic study for Keyspan/National Grid.

3.         Campus Sustainability Task Force/Recycling – Amy Provenzano

  • Amy mentioned the Happenings article about the move out program from all dorms. Amy went into detail and numbers - clothing to Goodwill – 8,192.5 lbs, 1535 lbs of food to the Port Jefferson Food Pantry, 602.5 lbs of sneakers to the Nike Re-use a shoe program, appliances – 1916 lbs and recycled paper 4,811 lbs.
  • Fall of 2008 they will be conducting a contest for a new name of the program.
  • Wellness center has a location to drop off sneakers as well as Environmental Stewardship accepts them.
  • Executive orders number four was just issued by Governor David Paterson -
  • Sewage treatment plant Southampton will be a Living machine treatment plant.

4.         Smoking Policy Sub-committee – Gil Hanson
Recap of the University regional planning smoking policy.

  • Gil spoke about the smoking policy and other campuses that implement it.
  • Discussed motion and issues re: education and dealing with changes.
  • Spoke about changes to policy and the GSO representative was treated poorly and Roberts rules seemed to be out of order.
  • No smoking within 50 ft from any entrance and no smoking amendment from 20 ft from any building from Fred Walter
  • GSO asked Dr. Kenny to disregard this policy from the executive committee.
  • Bob discussed his opinion and mentioned the substitute motions as being very offensive.

5.         University Safety Committee – Mary Hotaling

  • Paul said nothing to report and mentioned meeting last Wednesday of final aspect of report to be in by the fifteenth.
  • Policies and procedures are topic of discussion and harassment.
  • This was suppose to be an annual report and only met in a short amount of time.
  • New committee to be formed every year and report to the chancellor.

6.          Parking and Transportation Subcommittee – Ramona Walls

  • Still working on report and nothing to report about.

7.         Friends of Ashley Schiff

  • Malcolm to be honoree chair Robert Gallucci late 60s graduated with his brother and his father worked in physic dept. Sec of state for bill Clinton. Dean of studies of Georgetown.


  • Bottled Water.  Ramona presented a resolution read from a memo from the Suffolk County Water Association. This is a motion from this committee to the senate. Larry Swanson sent a letter to President Kenny about considering a similar resolution to the committee to take to the senate.
  • Ramona will change some of the wording for a motion…. A MOTION TO accept with Fred seconded and no further discussion. Four favor two abstentions.
  • Cynthia asked about water from public to municipal and tap water was accepted.
  • Dr. Kenny is very supportive of this and the senate will embrace this if it is supported by CEC.
  • Amy spoke about the caterers and they agreed to have bottled water omitted for campus functions.
  • Kathleen Weber said they had a function on campus which was great by having water available.
  • Malcolm said commencement had a lot of empty bottles under chairs after service.
  • Software to enable to view adobe geo (GIS) pdf, Cynthia Dietz, is collecting data and able to make our own maps and she will present any additions at a national conference next year.
  • Gil asked Amy to discuss the carbon footprint as it is almost complete.  Will show it in August meeting. Malcolm asked how budget is calculated. This inventory includes electric, production of Calpine, heating and cooling, oil, natural gas, miles travel, fleet, commuting miles from all. Amy is evaluating whether or not to include waste as our carter cannot say for certain what the final destination is for our waste.
  • Malcolm encouraged the use of public transportation, renewable energy, balance buy for carbon credits.

Gil to discuss this at our next meeting that by the fall of 2008, Gil and Ramona will step down from this committee. Chair and co-chair will be discussed for elections.

Next meeting in September TBD

Meeting adjourned 2:21 PM….