University Senate
Campus Environment Committee
January 17, 2008
VP Administration Conference Room
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Attending: Gil Hanson, Chair; Ramona Walls, Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary; Mary Hotaling, Amy Provenzano, Catherine Horgan, Kathleen Weber, Paul Siegel, Robert Aller, Fred Walter.

Excused: Wendy Fidao, Gary Kaczmarczyk, Dorothy Shannon Schiff, Ana Topolovec, Catherine Vetter, Muriel Weyl, Malcolm Bowman, Kristen Nyitray, Bill Dethlefs, John Murray, John Robinson, Krupa Gohil, Louis Esparza, and Barbara Chernow

Staff: Barbara Chernow, Amy Provenzano

Guest: Louis Esparza (smoking policy committee)

Meeting called to order by: Gil Hanson at 1:04 PM (ended at 1:55 PM)

  • Introductions – G. Hanson

Introductions were made of all attendees

  • Review of the Minutes - The minutes were accepted and approved.
  • Status Reports

1.         Environmental Master Plan for Southampton - Amy Provenzano for Barbara   Chernow

  • A discussion to invite Martin Schoonen to our next meeting which will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 in the VP Conference Room

2.         Developments at the Research and Development Park – Barbara Chernow       

  • Amy represented Barbara Chernow since she had a conflict with another meeting.
  • The Master Plan is currently being worked on by Beyer Blinder and Belle.
  • Amy presented a website to the committee members regarding who they are  working with at the Town of Brookhaven -
  • Planning for the next 20 years is taking place.
  • October 25, 2007 was the first workshop held.
  • Fred W. inquired about the bike trail in Setauket.

3.         Campus Sustainability Task Force/Recycling – Amy Provenzano

  • Pilot program in the residence halls for the end of the fall semester collected mostly clothes, shoes, food and appliances.
  • Bins were setup in common areas to sort items.
  • Targeted dorms where there was a larger population of seniors potentially moving out.
  • Most recyclables were from the West apartments as seniors graduate.
  • Food items were donated to Port Jeff Pantries.
  • Sneakers are recycled and Nike reuses them for items such as gym floors. In the future they want to work with the athletic department.
  • Fred W. inquired about other recycling locations on campus.
  • HSC was slower to get on board although Catherine H. said it was a hit with students once pickup issues were improved. Students were thrilled to contribute to the recycling program.
  • Amy will continue to work with the hospital to improve recycling.
  • Ramona W. mentioned the laboratories and recycling and how to find out who can pickup items mostly plastics, general lab waste items and others not mentioned in detail.
  • Amy did mention about glass recycling although was not sure about the plastics but will follow-up.
  • Nick K. mentioned that Armstrong Ceiling has a program that they would recycle ceiling tiles and has brought this up when the R&D building was acquired. Amy has looked into this with Facilities Design and Construction.
  • Bob A. inquired about ceiling tiles for maintenance waste and the future.

4.         University Safety Committee

  • Gil mentioned that this committee needs to be worked on and will be consistent year round.
  • Catherine and Mary received a letter dated December 14 from the President for this committee and the importance of criteria.

Donna Buehler will be in charge of the committee along with George Meyer and will be contacting new members.

5.          Parking and Transportation Subcommittee – Ramona

  • Ramona W. announced goals this committee is working on along with recommendations to the Administration.
  • Short objective to quantify information to share.
  • Statistics of parking spaces, summonses were discussed as well as the amount of parking permits which mostly were of staff.
  • The committee will work with James O’Connor who is the Director of Parking and Transportation.
  • A grass island was removed from South P Lot to make additional parking.
  • The committee is working on making it appealing to the members of the campus community to use other forms of transportation besides cars.
  • A question was raised about key access to gated lots. Some concerns were discussed regarding power requirements and other issues that can pose a problem.
  • Cost is one factor and it may be difficult to enforce with current staff.
  • Parking garages is an option or build them on top of buildings can be a solution.
  • The cost for building new garages is high compared to surface lots.
  • Fred W. inquired about using lots and striping for compact cars.
  • Ramona W. mentioned that special sizes for ADA parking stalls could be an issue.
  • Nick K. brought up about standard sizes recognized by the DOT which we normally follow.
  • Kathleen W. brought up the fact that state cars are parking in Faculty/Staff lots at the Wang Center.
  • Bob A. inquired about flashing speed sign at South P Lot which was ran down and if it will be replaced soon.
  • Campus Environmental Committee Charge
  • Gil mentioned that we should become a leader in developing a regional master plan.
  • He also spoke about the presentation to the University Senate and it was very well received and everyone was pleased.
  • Only one person had opposition and was approved without opposition.
  • The President was there and embraced the response.
  • Subcommittee Reports
  • Smoking – The subcommittee reports were not available for the final meeting in February. There will be a report available for the next meeting to be presented to the University.

Meeting adjourned at 1:55.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 at 1:00 PM VP Conference Room