Senate Minutes

Stony Brook University
University Senate
Campus Environment Committee
February 19, 2008
VP Administration Conference Room
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Attending: Gil Hanson, Chair; Ramona Walls, Vice Chair; Nick Koridis, Recording Secretary; Mary Hotaling, Amy Provenzano, Catherine Horgan, Kathleen Weber, Paul Siegel, Robert Aller, Fred Walter, Kristen Nyitray, Louis Esparza, Malcolm Bowman, Martin Schoonen, Amandeep Parhar, and Jonathan Mandel.

Excused: Wendy Fidao, Gary Kaczmarczyk, Dorothy Shannon Schiff, Ana Topolovec, Catherine Vetter, Muriel Weyl, John Murray, John Robinson, Krupa Gohil, and Barbara Chernow

Staff: Barbara Chernow, Amy Provenzano

Guest: Louis Esparza (smoking policy committee) and Martin Schoonen, Dean of SB Southampton

Meeting called to order by: Gil Hanson at 1:05 PM (ended at 2:33 PM)

  • Introductions – G. Hanson

Introductions were made of all attendees

  • Review of the Minutes - The minutes were accepted and approved.
  • Status Reports

1.         Environmental Master Plan for Southampton – Martin Schoonen

  • Martin Schoonen presented to the committee an Aerial view of the campus interim master plan which is in design.
  • Task force about planning on campus was presented for sustainability, social environment, and economic aspects.
  • A total of 50 buildings on campus where some are currently in use and several that are not. This includes some academic buildings and resident halls.
  • BBB is preparing a Master Plan and they will develop a map to make a center hub for core academic buildings and resident halls.
  • The new Library is not complete although it is anticipated to open in approximately two years.
  • There was discussion about re-opening the RR station although it is currently in review. A cost of ~$50 million dollars for new platform.
  • Marine Science station is adjacent to the ocean and will benefit the marine sciences program.
  • Campus dining facility has a cafeteria, a Student Center to sit down and have a meal.
  • There is a 450 seat theater that was renovated and cleaned up which has the largest seating area available east of the Shinnecock canal.
  • A proposed 2000 – 2500 students would keep college in tack.
  • The campus has a windmill that provides some power for the Montauk residence halls.
  • The Mansion on campus was converted to an inn, the windmill was relocated for a kids’ playhouse and in 1965 the college was started for the town which eventually LIU took it over.
  • Sewage treatment plant will go on campus in a closed structure and a new Green house to be considered.
  • Ramona inquired about natural vegetation on the campus.
  • The campus is planning to convert one area to a meadow with native plants species which our students will grow in the green house
  • Organic fertilizer is being used on campus.
  • The campus is also considering including rain water collection.
  • The campus is protecting any rare plants found growing naturally.
  • Bob asked about the parking situation and if there was any consideration for small cars versus large vehicles. Parking takes land surface compared to cost of building garages which can be approx 4-5 times the cost of open lots.
  • Loan bicycle to students to create incentives to ride on the small campus.
  • Gil asked how many parking spaces were available although Martin was unsure at the time.
  • Malcolm asked how deep the water table is. It is approximately ~30 feet which allows leaching systems and permitted to drain as is.
  • Supply well on campus for water and fire hazard for protection was discussed.
  • Possible reuse of existing buildings such as the old gym to be the receiving, facilities, etc. which will keep trucks off campus.
  • Cell tower has a radio station with a rolling lease but can change with the Radio center have a lease of 18 yrs.
  • Storm water features to create ponds or wetlands.
  • Bob asked about standard roofs versus green roofs. Opportunity to put solar panels.
  • Malcolm mentioned about solar energy and flat roofs.
  • Geo thermal ground water systems from parking lot using heat pump.
  • Nick inquired about environmental friendly supplemental heating systems for their bus garage. The waste oil from the motor pool can burn used oil and save thousands of dollars in cost.

2.         Developments at the Research and Development Park – Barbara Chernow       

  • To be discussed at the next meeting

3.         Campus Sustainability Task Force/Recycling – Amy Provenzano

  • To be discussed at the next meeting

4.         University Safety Committee

  • To be discussed at the next meeting

5.          Parking and Transportation Subcommittee – Ramona

  • To be discussed at the next meeting
  • Campus Environmental Committee Charge
  • To be discussed at the next meeting
  • Subcommittee Reports - Louis Esparza
  • Louis as chair of the committee handed out a proposal for the new smoking policy.
  • Ban from resident halls.
  • Indoor and outdoors 15 feet next to entrances to change to 20 feet boundary within campus. This includes seating areas outside of buildings.
  • Signage outside the building would be needed.
  • Addition to plastic ashtrays, add signage “have you thought about quitting?” on the ashtray urns.
  • Main elements for proposal would be media campaigns, president’s office, send email at the beginning of the academic semester for promoting quitting smoking.
  • Fix ashtrays to ground so they would not be moved within areas posted. Problem with that is affixing them to asphalt pavers or other surfaces could damage those surfaces.
  • Paul said it would be difficult for some areas like Harriman Hall because of structure, handrails and other attributes to consider. ESS plaza may have the same issues where accessible areas do exist.
  • Louis requested a blueprint of buildings for the committee who will meet next week to look at plans. Campus mall and other campus first floor plans.
  • Ramona had a discussion how to determine locations where there are covered walkways, some areas with scaffolding and building obstacles.
  • Paul suggested to finding areas where you can smoke rather than not smoke.
  • Fred thought it was a great improvement from last year and supports to designate smoking areas.
  • No one wants smoking shelter for aesthetic reasons and cost.
  • Amy said Barbara C and her discussed blueprints, taking into consideration benches, seats, and tables in middle of mall and that these areas would be further reviewed.
  • Louis preferred to eliminate smoking in academic mall. How to enforce this?
  • Malcolm asked why in five years the policy will be expired. Louis said it has taken ten years to go through this and rather take the five year stance instead.
  • Ramona said the wording may be misleading to the subject of the five year plan.
  • Malcolm said possibly make it a yearly issue. Wording does not exclude advising the five year plan.
  • Amaandear asked if the enforcement for smoking policy similar to traffic? The answer was no since no one can issue summonses.
  • Malcolm asked who enforces ban at the hospital. JCAHO, Univ. police, etc.
  • Mary asked if the plan is completed, what it will look like. It may be hard to determine if it is effective. Mary is asking before it goes into effect can we look at it at the April meeting?
  • Amy asked if Nick to attend and bring a campus map and academic mall plan for the next meeting to be held on February 27.
  • Nick suggested that signs should be installed in compliance with the ADA for height, color and lettering.
  • Mary asked about the 50 foot distance from buildings? Louis said distances were far and may not be conducive to some locations.
  • Fred supported the 20 feet from buildings instead and Nick said it was a good idea at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 2:33.

Next meeting: Tuesday, March 11, 2008 at 1:00 PM VP Conference Room