Computing and Communications
Annual Report

 I wanted to write a summary of the current issues that the C&C committee has been thinking about, in the hopes that this can form the basis of a plan for action next term.

This past year has been mostly one of information gathering and discussion.

   1. Should the committee change its charge to more closely parallel the mission of TLT.  In particular while we handle computing, we don't deal with classrooms.

      A potential idea is to expand the role of the C&C committee to completely encompass the mission of TLT, while retaining those areas that are unique to the C&C committee (e.g. computing in research, network infrastructure)

   2. Network infrastructure improvements should continue to be a priority of ours.  We have an incoming University president, whose background includes research.  It may be an appropriate      time to put forth a motion asking that some IDC return be used to support network infrastructure.

   3. Teaching has long since entered the computer age, but our classrooms have not kept up.  We need more computer classrooms on campus.

      We need to recognize that different depts have different needs (e.g. writing wants students clustered together, physics and astronomy likes students all facing a projector screen).

      Cynthia produced an excellent letter arguing for more computer classrooms.  Some work has gone into getting additional endorsements from other depts. to strengthen our case that more computer classrooms are needed.  Two recent examples:

          -- I sent around a message from the School of Journalism outlining their needs.

          -- Physics and Astronomy fills the Math lab (Linux computers) to capacity for PHY 277 (Computation for Physics and Astronomy).  We recently had go from teaching this once per year to twice per year.  With a larger computer classroom, we could accommodate all the students in a single section.

      We are at the point where the committee should act on this.

   4. Computers are not provided to faculty for their University work. Some means of providing computers to faculty needs to be developed.

   This is my last term with the C&C committee.  Because this past semester was so busy for me, I've decided not to run for re-election.  I hope that the committee can continue to work on these issues next term, and I am happy to provide input, as needed, to the future committee.

 Mike Zingale
 Chair, Computing and Communications Committee