November 8, 2010


CAPRA meets periodically with members of the administration to discuss the campus’ budgetary and academic situation.  Early this semester Provost Eric Kaler and Director of Budget and Analysis Mark Maciulaitis met with the committee to discuss the current status of the West campus budget situation. Both guests supplied detailed budgetary information, which was discussed extensively.  In addition, three members of CAPRA (Jackie Collier, Norm Goodman, and Alan Tucker) meet with Provost Kaler on a periodic basis to assess the budget situation.  The committee will also meet during the Spring 2011 semester with Kenneth Kaushansky, the newly appointed Dean of Medicine and Vice President for the Health Sciences Center, to discuss the East Campus budget situation.

For its ongoing responsibilities, CAPRA works in a subcommittee mode.  At the present time, we have the following subcommittees:  College of Business, Flow of funds, Southampton, MA/MS programs, Strategic planning, and Stony Brook Manhattan.  The last subcommittee is temporarily inactive and will follow up its earlier assessment of financial and academic issues once the lease on the first facility (401 Park Avenue South) is let to expire on December 31, 2010. 

College of Business subcommittee:  This subcommittee has met with the newly appointed dean, Manny London, and discussed its concerns about the viability of the College for accreditation due to its inadequate number of tenure/tenure track lines, among other issues.  The College is currently preparing a major strategic plan which includes decreasing its undergraduate enrollment and increasing its MBA students.  The subcommittee will follow the progress of this plan.

Flow of funds subcommittee:  This subcommittee has received access to the budgetary expenditures of the Provost’s Office for Fiscal Years 2006-2008 and is currently obtaining the same data for the 2009 Fiscal Year.  It is also in the process of acquiring similar data from the Office of Student Affairs.  It will analyze these data in order to examine the implications of the expenditure patterns for the campus’ academic and co-curricular programs.

Southampton subcommittee:  Given the legal case still pending over the closure of the residential part of the Southampton program, this subcommittee will wait until that issue is resolved.  CAPRA has requested the inclusion of the chair of this subcommittee, Professor Alan Tucker from CEAS, on the advisory committee that the president has established to look into ways to utilize this campus.

MA/MS programs subcommittee:  Last year, the administration strongly encourage departments to consider establishing or expanding their terminal MA/MS programs as a way of generating increased funds for the department and the university.  There was an open discussion of this issue at a regular meeting of the University Senate last year.  This subcommittee is following up some of the concerns expressed during this Senate meeting and in documents circulated prior to the meeting.  It will also look into the experiences of departments that have established or expanded their MA/MS programs last year as well as considering the value and feasibility of a survey of recent graduates of these programs.

Strategic Planning subcommittee:  This subcommittee has met with the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to discuss her planning process and the rumors circulating about the eventual merging of some academic departments/programs.  It will also meet shortly with the Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences about his planning process.

Obviously, CAPRA will also take up any other issues concerning academic planning and resource allocation that arise .