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Topic: Sustainability Studies
Date: Monday, November 19, 2012

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If you are interested in preserving the environment and making the world more sustainable, this video is for you. Stony Brook students Jason and Mia discuss how education can make this possible. One way that is discussed is taking up a major/minor in Sustainability Studies with the possibility of receiving a Bachelor of Arts in the field.

There is a vast array of courses offered in the Sustainability Studies program. Some of the courses that are offered include, but or not limited to, Coastal Environmental Studies, Geospatial Information Systems, Ecosystems and Human Impact, Environmental Design.  The classes are small and Mia explains how the small class size enhances the learning experience. They also talk about research opportunities available through the program including become a teacher’s assistant like Mia or researching a topic of your choice like Jason. The unique thing about this program is that learning doesn’t only happen in the classroom. Students are offered many opportunities to put what they learned into practice. In the video, Mia discusses her trip to Honduras and what she learned during the trip. Jason and Mia also talk about the different careers that involve sustainability and what resources are available at Stony Brook University to help obtain a job in one of those careers. Some careers that are discussed include public education, town and state planning, and non-for-profit organizations.  Jason highlights the career center and how it has helped him during his time at Stony Brook University.

Jason also discusses the efforts Stony Brook University has made to make the campus more sustainable. Some areas discussed include solar paneling, recycling, gardening, and many more. Sustainability is becoming a worldwide initiative. If you want to get involved in the initiative, a great way to start is learning from the many different courses that our Sustainability Studies program has to offer.
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