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Stony Brook is a selective institution. We will give your application individual attention, weighing many factors to gauge your potential to succeed at Stony Brook.

Application Types
You should apply as an International freshman if you have never attended a college or university after finishing high school. You should apply as an International transfer student if you have attended any college or university after high school (in your home country or in the US).

Academic Criteria
If you are a freshman applicant, you must have completed the highest level of secondary education in your country of residence. We look for a strong secondary academic program with courses in math, natural sciences, and English (or, if English is the language of instruction, another language).

If you have attended any college or university after graduating from secondary school you must apply as a transfer student. Applicants are required to have performed well in a strong academic program, having completed at least 24 credits with a GPA of 3.0 or higher by the time they submit their application. If the applicant has earned fewer than 24 credits, high school transcripts must also be submitted.

English Proficiency
All applicants must prove their English proficiency. The TOEFL [Test Of English as a Foreign Language], IB TOEFL (Internet-based TOEFL), or IELTS International English Language Testing System) examination, or SAT must be taken by anyone whose native language is not English, even if you have attended high school in the United States. If you are a transfer student and have not completed a college-level writing course at a U.S. college or university (or received a grade below a C in the course), one of the aforementioned exams is required for you as well.

Minimum Score
TOEFL (Computer-based) 213
TOEFL (Paper-based) 550
TOEFL (Internet-based) 80
SAT Critical Reading 430

Satisfactory completion of Stony Brook's Intensive English Center program at the advanced level with a grade of B or better will be accepted in place of a TOEFL score. For more information on Stony Brook's Intensive English Center, please call (631) 632-7031.

Financial Documentation
It is also necessary to provide financial documentation which indicates that the applicant has sufficient funding to pay for all educational and personal expenses while in the United States. The amount considered as sufficient funding may vary from year to year.

 Shortly after applying, you will receive login instructions for accessVIS, Stony Brook's portal for visa and immigration services. In accessVIS, you must upload scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Affidavit of Support Formpdf
  • Bank Letter or Statement for Each Source of Funds (submitted in English)
  • Letters of Employment Verifying Income (for each sponsor, submitted in English) 
  • Copy of Passport 
Specific requirements for each of these items can be found in accessVIS. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will only review your academic credentials and English proficiency to determine if you qualify for admission. After you have been accepted to Stony Brook University and have paid your tuition deposit, our Office of Visa and Immigration Services will begin processing your financial documentation and preparing your I-20. You are strongly encouraged to submit all required documents early in the admissions process to avoid delays in visa processing. Admitted students who do not fully document proof of financial support after they submit their deposits should be aware of our deposit refund policies.


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