Program Overview
  • student imagesExplore the development and social aspects of the engineering discipline by completing a 1-credit course.

  • Meet Stony Brook University faculty. Attend lectures and seminars. Engage in hands-on research, experiments, and leadership projects.

  • Explore the vast resources of Stony Brook University, including the University Hospital and Brookhaven National Laboratory, which the University co-manages.

  • Learn about the U.S. college application and admission process, including policies of Stony Brook.

  • Learn how to select a college abroad and how to write a successful college admissions essay.

  • Take intensive English language classes on campus.

Safety and Health:

  • The University provides a safe and secure living environment 24 hours a day.

  • Residential Safety Service staff are at the main entrance of every residence hall at night.

  • Each residence hall is supervised by a full-time, live-in professional residence hall director and student resident assistants.

  • Exterior doors are locked. You will have an ID card to access most buildings.

  • Required evening curfews.

  • Student health care services are available on campus.

  • Students are required to be escorted by chaperones at all times.