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Enrollment History

Fall Enrollment,2011-2013
Total Enrollment
West Campus
East Campus
Southampton Campus 
Songdo, Korea 
Undergraduate Students 
Graduate Students
Data in Excel
Total Enrollment Graph

Fall Enrollment,1957-2010
Total Enrollment
West Campus
East Campus
Southampton Campus 
Undergraduate Students 
Graduate Students

Other Data
Fall Enrollment Detail, 2005-2013
Fall and Spring Enrollment
Fall and Spring Enrollment (1957-2010)
New Freshmen and Transfers
New Freshmen and Transfers (1986-2010)

Applications, Admissions, and Enrollments of First-Time UG Students in Fall Semesters

Student Profile, Fall 2012

University Totals 
Total Enrollment (2013)
Total Enrollment 
Enrollment by Area 
Enrollment Detail 
Complete Student Profile (coming soon!!) 

Stony Brook Campus Tables 
Gender Distribution
Gender Distribution
Ethnic Distribution 
Ethnic Distribution (2013) 
Geographic Origin (coming soon) 
Resident and Commuter Students 
International Students by Country (2013)
International Students by Country (2012)

Stony Brook Campus Graphs
Ethnicity of Freshmen
Ethnicity of Undergraduate Students
Ethnicity of Graduate Students 
Geographic Origin of Full-time Freshmen
Geographic Origin of Undergraduates Students
Geographic Origin of New Full-time Graduate Students
Ten Largest Undergraduate Majors 
Ten Largest Graduate Programs


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