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alex MAJORS:
Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations, and Italian Studies

HOMETOWN: Bronxville, New York

WHY I PICKED MY MAJORS: “I’ve always been into politics and how government works. My main interest is international relations, the long-term impact of U.S. domestic and foreign policy.”

“My parents are both from Italy. I spoke only Italian until preschool. Study abroad in Florence was fun. I love all the little tiny streets. I’d find a new restaurant or a new store or maybe a gallery. Then I’d always go back and bring other people there.”

BEST THING ABOUT STUDYING ABROAD: “I took political science classes and Italian language and culture classes while I was in Florence,
so all 15 credits I earned went toward my majors.”

FAVORITE PROFESSOR: Gallya LaHav, Political Science: “She’s cultured, intelligent.
She loves to teach, and she goes above and beyond for her students.”

FAVORITE SPOTS ON CAMPUS: Starbucks and the Central Reading Room of the
Melville Library

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