How To Apply

Submit an application consisting of four elements:  

  1. Cover Sheet - to download the form <click here>
  2. Course Chart - to download the form <click here>
  3. Proposal Essay
  4. Major/Minor Declaration Form, with the top portion completed and signed.
    To download a copy from the Registrar's Office web site:

Keep a photocopy of your entire application.

Course Chart . Here you indicate all the courses you intend to use to complete the major, including the courses you have already taken as well as those you plan to take. This must be a full set of courses (45 credits) that will meet the requirements of the major. At this point, you are probably not sure of all the courses you will take in the future. Don't worry about this; the selection you make now is not set in stone. List a set of courses that you would like to take and that will complete the major. You may make changes later. If they are minor changes, such as replacing one upper-division course for another in the same department, you do not need to inform us.

Proposal Essay. This describes, in about two or three pages, how this major and the areas of concentration you have selected serve your intellectual, professional, and personal goals. You should mention other majors you have considered, and why they are less suitable for you than MTD. Do not simply say that you like MTD because it allows you to study several fields and not limit yourself to one; we already know that. Your essay is not about the MTD program, it's about you. You should discuss how this major will affect your application to graduate schools or for the kind of employment you intend to seek. This explanation must be carefully thought out, well organized, and written in good English. Your application will never be rejected just because we don't like your reasons, but it may be returned to you for rewriting if it does not demonstrate that you have thought about these questions seriously or if it is not written in good English. Your Proposal Essay should be headed with your name and ID number and the date.

If you wish to include in any area of concentration a course which has a different three-letter designator (for example, you would like to include a WST course in your SOC area of concentration, or a BUS course in your ECO area), your Proposal Essay must justify the inclusion of that course. If you decide to change areas of concentration or to justify the inclusion of different courses, you should submit a revised Proposal essay for approval by one of the program advisors.

Give your complete four-part application to one of the MTD advisors, leave it with the receptionist, or mail it in. Upon acceptance of your application by a Multidisciplinary Studies advisor you will be admitted to the major.

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