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SBU Smart Transit

Welcome to SBU Smart Transit. SBU Smart Transit is the Stony Brook University student developed passenger information system for SBU Transit. SBU Smart Transit was developed through a partnership between the Stony Brook University Department of Transportation and Parking Operations, the Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology (CEWIT) and the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is a comprehensive bus and shuttle global positioning system that provides live vehicle location, utilization information and estimated arrival times to passengers using web and mobile-based applications.

SBU Smart Transit offers an easy and convenient way to view real-time information on SBU Transit vehicle locations and is being deployed in phases on the following routes:

  • Hospital/Chapin and Railroad Routes in Spring 2012.
  • R&D Park Shuttle, Express Route and Inner Loop in Fall 2012.
  • Remainder of SBU Transit routes in 2013.

SBU Smart Transit will also be available via iPhone, Android, and Blackberry mobile applications in Fall 2012.

SBU Smart Transit mobile applications will provide the following information:

  • Real-time information on SBU Transit vehicle locations.
  • Estimated arrival times of SBU Transit vehicles at bus stops.
  • Real-time information on SBU Transit capacities per vehicle.
  • Real-time Stony Brook Bus capacity per bus.