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Maintenance Services

Maintenance or repair services may be requested by contacting the Maintenance Manager or his representative at the Automotive Repair Facility between the hours of 07:00AM and 03:30PM or by going directly to the shop during that same timeframe. For your information, the Automotive Repair Facility is located next to the Campus Operations and Maintenance building on the West Campus of Stony Brook University.

In all cases we will need a written "Squawk" Sheet filled out and signed by the person requesting the service. The "Squawk" Sheet must be completed in its entirety in order for a Stony Brook University vehicle to be inspected or repaired. Additionally, the keys to the vehicle must also be left with the "Squawk" Sheet in the Automotive Repair Facility.

Upon the delivery of a completed vehicle, the person picking it up will sign the work request and retrieve the keys. A copy of the work request detailing the work performed and the parts used will be forwarded to the person's department for their records and for payment processing.

Estimated Costs

Cost estimates for work may be obtained by contacting the Maintenance Manager. In cases where departments wish to place monetary limits on repairs to an individual unit, they should make this known to the Maintenance Manager upon delivery of the vehicle to the shop. It can also be written on the "Squawk" Sheet. We will make every attempt to ascertain an accurate cost estimate and confer with the owner's department before commencing with the repair.

In cases where it becomes evident during the repair of a vehicle that previously undetected defects may significantly alter the final cost, the Maintenance Manager will confer with the owner's department about the changes. We reserve the right to make a determination whether the cost of repair is feasible in regard to the present value of the vehicle.

In no case will a vehicle that has unrepaired items that are safety-sensitive be returned to service without addressing those terms. This policy will be upheld regardless of the cost involved.


All repairs that are covered under the manufacturer's warranty are scheduled by the Maintenance Manager to be accomplished at the appropriate local vendor.

In the event that the facility has utilized components either new or remanufactured in the repair of vehicles, all warranty rights will be pursued in cases of failure or unacceptable performance. New installations will be accomplished at no cost or at an adjusted cost according to the terms of the warranty.