Photo of Carrie-Ann Miller
Carrie-Ann Miller, Co-Director of TechPREP
Carrie-Ann Miller, The Director of the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program is a Licensed Social Worker. She is a double alumna of Stony Brook University. As an undergraduate she majored in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences with a minor in Women Studies. Afterwards, she attained her masters degree in social work from the School of Social Welfare (SSW) and now serves on its Alumni Board. She has worked for over twenty years as an administrator. She has been the executive director of Suffolk Psychiatric Services, worked in several local school districts and was the faculty director of Stony Brook's Community Service Minor. She has been in her role as the Director of WISE for five years now. WISE is an innovative program that brings together talented women and encourages and supports their studies in Science, Mathematics and Engineering. As director of WISE she has increased the number of students and the breadth of the program. She created the Student Leadership Council which receives leadership training and has significant input into the program. She is the co-director of TechPREP as well as one of the founders of the Coalition for Outreach and Education Programs (COOP).
Photo of Paul Siegel
Paul Siegel, Co-Director of TechPREP
Paul Siegel is an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Technology & Society. He is involved in minority outreach programs as a grant writer and administrator for grants from the National Science Foundation, NASA, the New York State Education Department and various business foundations. Paul's focus is to spark interest among underrepresented minority and economically disadvantaged students in pursuing careers in science, mathematics, and engineering for the CSEMS, CSTEP, LSAMP, NYSG, OEDG, and S-STEM programs. Paul serves as a mentor and advisor to students in these programs. Paul also has extensive experience in creating, designing, and administering outreach programs. He sees his role as one of helping to make students aware of opportunities and serving as a guide on the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) pathway while at the same time monitoring student progress and maintaining program compliance within grantor guidelines. He is also interested in environmental and waste management issues, especially in academic institutions, and serves on the board of the Friends of Ashley Schiff Park Preserve.

Photo of Lori Scarlatos
Prof. Lori Scarlatos, TechPREP Instructor

Lori Scarlatos is an associate professor in the Departments of Tech & Society and Computer Science in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Lori Scarlatos's research focuses on computers in education and how children learn. She studies computer-human interfaces to determine new methods for interacting with computers and creates learning environments where children can be fully immersed in and engaged with their learning materials. Lori aims at helping children to learn math and science concepts, with computers enhancing - yet not becoming the focus of - the learning experience. Lori's research of the creation of hierarchical surface models has been applied primarily to terrain models for flight and battle simulators. Another area of Lori's research is Intelligent Engergy Choices. Lori currently teaches two college level courses, Human-Computer Interaction Design for Instruction and Design of Computer Games. She is the executive co-editor of Journal of Educational Technology Systems, and papers chair of the CCSCE 2008, Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges. She is also an artist. For more information, please visit her home page.

Photo of Rick Darienzo
Rick Darienzo, TechPREP Instructor

Rick Darienzo joined the TechPREP team in March 2012. A graduate of Stony Brook University, Rick Utilizes his BS in Physics in the best of ways. From tutoring to teaching, researching at Stony Brook, and working at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), Rick is a physicist extraordinaire. When hes not out catching butterflies for his collection or riding his motorcycle (named Kiwi), hes applying his imagination and skills to Legos and even building his own furniture. An avid proponent of reducing our ecological footprint, Rick also takes time to compost and grow his own berries and herbs. Ricks previous six years of physics and math tutoring along with his uncommon ability to make the complicated more understandable made him an excellent candidate for the role of TechPREP instructor. After volunteering to aid in summer science camps at BNL, Rick has even more experiments and excitement to share with the next class of TechPREP students!

Photo of Michele Theroux
Michele Theroux, TechPREP Instructor

Michele Theroux has been a TechPREP instructor since March 2012 and participates in many other activities involving science education. She is currently enrolled in the combined BS/MAT program for science teaching, which is provided through the Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CESAME) here at Stony Brook University. Through this program, she has completed all necessary courses for her B.S. in physics and will be earning this degree along with a Master's degree in Science Education upon her completion of a student teaching assignment in a local high school physics classroom during the Fall 2012 semester. Her previous teaching experience includes tutoring both high school and college level math and physics, teaching basic and advanced writing skills in the Stony Brook University Writing Center, and being a Teaching Assistant for various college level physics classes as well as for a workshop run by CESAME to provide New York State physics teachers with innovative ways to convey challenging physics concepts to young students. She looks forward to using some of the creative science lessons that she learned about at the CESAME workshop to make her next TechPREP class even more exciting than the last!

STEMTech and TechPREP Mentors

Olivia Cheng is a rising third-year WISE student at Stony Brook University, double majoring in Pharmacology and Cinema and Cultural Studies, with a minor in Chemistry. This is her second year mentoring in TechPREP. She enjoys learning about science and enjoys motivating others to learn too!

Faith Consiglio is currently going into her senior year at Stony Brook University. She is a member of the WISE and Scholars for Medicine programs. She was part of the Summer Undergraduate Research internship program at Brookhaven National Laboratory and continued research with her mentor throughout the year. She majors in Biology while also pursuing interests in theater, art history, and dance.

Edwige P. Lauture is a recent graduate at Stony Brook University with a Bachelors degree in Marine Science and a minor in Studio Art. She currently is a research assistant in the Ecology and Evolution department working with Dr. Dianna Padilla, a marine ecologist. She was able to mentor high school students in Marine Science with WISE and enjoyed working with them. Her experience inspired her to be a mentor for TechPREP and she enjoyed it just as much. She has plans to continue doing research and attending graduate school.

Souci Louis is currently a senior studying Biology at Stony Brook University. In addition to being a mentor, Souci is a member of the Women in Science and Engineering program, SBU Pre-Vet Society, Sigma Iota Sigma Sorority, and President of The Order of Omega Honor Society. She wishes to become a Veterinarian one day and encourages others to work hard and follow their dreams too!


Advisory Board

TechPREP's Advisory Board consists of community leaders and industry professionals who are dedicated to TechPREP's mission.

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