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Wolfie Unplugged Is Here!

by Rich Shelton

Stony Brook University has selected twelve buildings as "Sustainability Target Buildings" to participate in Campus Conservation Nationals 2014, which is an annual competition that focuses on conserving resources, specifically electricity, in order to minimize impact on the natural environment. This year, SBU has named the competition "WOLFIE UNPLUGGED" and is competing against four other SUNY campuses, specifically University at Albany, SUNT IT and SUNY New Paltz, and the competition takes places April 4 through April 25, 2014.

In order to see SBU's performance in Wolfie Unplugged 2014, please click here.

Campus Conservation Nationals (CCN) is the largest electricity reduction competition program for colleges and universities in the world. CCN is an opportunity to organize students and staff, host educational events, and challenge students and staff to participate in events that can have an immediate and lasting impact on the University's carbon emissions and campus culture. CCN is jointly organized by the U.S. Green Building Council, Lucid, National Wildlife Federation and Alliance to Save Energy.

Participating buildings can save electricity by making small changes to their daily routines. Simple things like turning off lights, setting computers to "power save" mode, unplugging appliances, phones and refrigerators when not in use, and taking stairs instead using elevators can go a long way in reducing electricity consumption. Students, faculty, and staff are also being asked to look for ways to conserve water by reporting leaking faucets to www.stonybrook.edu/fixit, taking 5 minute showers, using the cold cycle in washing machines and making sure that washing machines are set to the proper load size. While the competition lasts for three weeks, the University's goals are to educate the community so that energy conservation behaviors are practiced throughout the year.

In order to participate, the Office of Sustainability is recommending that students, faculty and staff consider implementing the following behaviors while at the University;

  • Interior & Exterior Lighting – Turn off office lights, use window/ambient lighting
  • Open Exterior Doors Manually, When Possible – Not use ADA paddles (when possible)
  • Set Computers To "Power Save" Mode
  • Shared Refrigerator Use – Share fridges on your floor or in your office area
  • Turn Down or Off Room Heat (when possible)
  • Turn Up or Off Air Conditioning (when possible)
  • Unplug Power Strips, Phones & Computers When Not In Use
  • Use Stairwells, Instead Of Elevators
  • Air Dry Hair (Don't Use Blow Dryers)
  • Washer Use (Use Cold Water Only)
  • Showering Length of Time (5 Minutes Per Shower)
  • Turn TV's Off When Not In Use
  • Are There Heating Or Air Conditioning Issues In Your Building? Tell SBU by contacting: www.stonybrook.edu/fixit

Although the SUNY the "competitors" are all working towards the common goal of mitigating environment impact, there are other benefits for the winning building. Not only will the winning building be able to brag to others on campus, occupants may also receive a "sustainability makeover" – which includes a water bottle filling station, biking amenities and restroom electric hand dryers. The "sustainability makeover" can be assured to benefit not only the environment, but also the occupants of the winning building. The buildings selected for 2014 include both academic and campus residences, specifically;

Academic Buildings; Student Activities Center, Javits Lecture Hall, Earth & Space Sciences, Humanities, Wang Center & Administration

Campus Residences: West Apartments I, Douglas, Whitman, Benedict, Hamilton & Nobel Halls

Although these are the buildings selected for WOLFIE UNPLUGGED 2014, the Stony Brook University Office of Sustainability encourages all students, faculty and staff to help create awareness of the ways we can all reduce our impact on the environment.

For more information on this initiative, please contact:
Stony Brook University
Office of Sustainability
E-Mail: sustainability@stonybrook.edu

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