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Central Stores Warehouse Sees the Light!

by Rebecca Anzel

Near the corner of Gym and Circle Road at Stony Brook University sits the Central Stores Warehouse, which is a large, comprehensive facility that houses a variety of materials and supplies that includes light bulbs, air filters, electrical components, recycling and cleaning supplies. University employees refer to the building as the "Warehouse" and the 18,215-square foot facility is used to accept, store and distribute inventory on a daily basis. For many years, inventory was stored on 20-foot high shelves that sat under interior lighting that was dim and not energy efficient.

Realizing that the building's lighting could be improved and made more efficient, the Division of Facilities & Services and Office of Sustainability conducted a lighting analysis of the interior spaces, which included taking light level readings and evaluating new fixtures for installation. Once the analysis was complete, the University decided to replace the former, non-motion controlled round metal halide light fixtures with brighter, energy-efficient T8 high bay fluorescent light fixtures, which are equipped with motion controls that turn the fixtures on/off when movement is detected. The Warehouse lighting project specifically involved removing thirty 400-watt and twenty nine 250-watt metal halide fixtures, as well as three standard bulb lit exit signs, and replacing them with fifty nine 32-watt T8 high bay fluorescent fixtures and three LED exit signs - which kept the total number of fixtures inside the facility the same and helped save time during the installation process.

"The old lights in the Warehouse were on all day, which were unnecessarily wasting energy," Daryl Schiebl, Assistant Director of the Central Stores Warehouse, said. "By replacing the fixture type and adding motion sensors to the new fixtures, we reduced our energy consumption by almost 40% which is significant." The Central Stores Warehouse lighting project is expected to save an estimated 37,857-kWh per year and the University is expected to reduce its carbon footprint by 23.55 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.

"The staff and I are thrilled the Warehouse interior space is so much brighter. It is important for our University to operate more efficiently and have less of an impact on the natural environment," Schiebl commented. "The energy efficient lighting system also helps make our work environment safer."

For more information on this initiative, please contact:
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