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SBU's Reusable Mug & Sports Bottle Program

by Sakib Ahmed

In order minimize waste, promote reuse and lower its environmental impact, Stony Brook University and and Campus Dining Services offer an innovative "Reusable Mug & Sports Bottle Program." Originally started in 2009, the program encourages students, faculty and staff to purchase a reusable mugs and/or sports bottles in order to reduce the amount of paper cups they use, which helps lower the amount of waste ending up in landfills.

The reusable mugs and sports bottles are made from polypropylene plastic and are resistant to acids such as hydrofluoric acid. The bottles are fully recyclable and fall under recycle symbol #5, which means that they can be recycled at SBU, and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Students are also given other incentives to purchase and use the mugs and sports bottles, specifically a 35% discount on fountain drink refills at any SBU campus dining location (Student Activities Center, West Side Dining, Roth Caf´┐Ż, etc.), which also includes a discount at the Administration and Life Sciences food carts. Each mug and sports bottle purchased includes a free beverage as well, and as the discounts pile on, students, faculty and staff quickly see significant returns on their mug/sports bottle purchase.

Students, faculty and staff can purchase a mug and/or sports bottle at any of the SBU campus dining locations for the price of $5.00 per mug and $8.34 per sports bottle. To date, landfill waste continues to be a significant hurdle for Long Islanders as Universities, agencies and employment centers continue to look for innovative ways to recycle and reuse. According to the Director of Campus Dining Services, Angela M. Agnello; "Every bottle purchased helps to reduce the University's overall carbon footprint and saves money on beverage purchases."

The University's reusable mug and sports bottle program has had a major impact on the campus consumption of paper cups and as the bottles say the program has "saved over 10,000 paper cups from entering the landfills last year" and that number continues to grow. For more information on how to participate in the program, please visit one of SBU's campus dining locations or visit Campus Dining Services website here.

For additional information on this initiative, please contact:

Stony Brook University
Office of Sustainability
E-Mail: sustainability@stonybrook.edu

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