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Recyclemania 2013: Live Sustainably. Choose to Recycle.

by Sakib Ahmed

RecycleMania has officially kicked off as of February 3rd 2013 and will run until March 30th 2013. Stony Brook University is joining 600+ other Universities in a nationwide contest to recycle and reduce waste on our campus. The goal of RecycleMania is to encourage students, faculty and staff to become more conscious of their resource consumption, while providing a fun and exciting way to get involved and bring awareness to environmental issues and waste management.

Over an 8 week period, colleges and universities throughout the country compete to reduce, reuse and recycle in various categories. These categories include Gorilla (weight), Grand Champion (ratio), Per Capita (ratio), Waste Minimization (ratio), E-Waste (weight) and Paper (weight). Each school is ranked by individual categories and the one with the highest average rank is the Grand Champion.

Students are encouraged to recycle bottles and cans, including plastics types' #1-7, paper and shredded paper, cardboard, e-waste and food service organics. In order to help with this process, Stony Brook University Office of Sustainability offers a multitude of services and even some incentives to spur the community to recycle. Services include complementary confidential paper shredding for offices around campus and providing receptacles for paper, cardboard and bottles/cans pickup for office cleanouts. Other programs include a student Photo Contest, which involves SBU students sending in a photograph of some recycling activity on campus. Each contest winner receives Wolfe-Wallet dollars, which are accepted at all campus locations. Students are also able to participate in RecycleMania events occurring around campus, which include competitions in the Residence Halls and during campus lifetime. Those living on campus will have a chance to compete against other quads on who can recycle the most and have the chance to win a prize of $200.00 towards their programming funds. The University community can also view the beautifully designed bulletin boards in the Student Union and the Student Activities Center which provides information on recycling efforts on campus. Students are encouraged to participate in RecycleMania events and make recycling lifelong habit.

Last year, Stony Brook University placed 1st in New York State in the Gorilla category and recycled 144,000 pounds of bottles and cans, 187,000 pounds of corrugated cardboard, 311,000 pounds of paper, 2.3 million pounds of trash, 30,000 pounds of food service organics, and 35,000 pounds of e-waste. The cumulative greenhouse gas reductions equal 1,211 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to the removal of 237 cars off the road or the energy consumption of 105 households. We also placed 8th out of 67 entries in the e-waste category for the total weight of recycled electronic waste. "We are proud of our RecycleMania 2012 success and can't wait for this year's competition which starts on February 3. Our University continues to make substantial improvements in the field of recycling by increasing the number of receptacles, installing new signage and increasing the amount of products we recycle." says James O'Connor Director of Sustainability & Transportation Operations.
For more information on RecycleMania 2013, please visit www.stonybrook.edu/recyclemania.

For more information on this initiative, please contact:
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