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The Light Is A Little Brighter In the Math & Physics Building

The Office of Energy Management, in conjunction with the Department of Facilities and Operations, has completed a lighting redesign in the hallways of the Math and Physics buildings. As part of the project, 392 57-watt fluorescent light fixtures were replaced with 336 18-watt equivalent LED's. The new fixtures will utilize existing sensors to automatically turn the light off in the presence of significant daylight. The project is expected to save over 82,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually.

The lighting redesign project serves to reinforce the Office of Energy Management's overall mission to encourage more efficient use of energy, as well as support the University's quest for compliance with New York State Executive Order 88. Signed by Governor Cuomo in December 2012, the purpose of Executive Order 88 is to reduce New York's carbon footprint, mitigate its impact on the natural environment and reduce overall energy consumption. "Projects like this lighting retrofit are ideal," notes Susan Fusaro, Energy Assistant in the Office of Energy Management. "The energy and financial savings can be quite dramatic, while the impact on building occupants is virtually imperceptible."

This lighting project is just one of many efficiency initiatives that the Office of Energy Management has implemented. As the Office of Energy Management continues to move forward, we will see more cutting edge strategies that will continue to enlighten the campus community.

For more information on this initiative, please contact:
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