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Stony Brook Wolf Ride Bike Share: Riding Green

by Sakib Ahmed

Starting this spring 2013, Stony Brook University will unveil its new bike share program, called SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share which will allow students to use bike share bikes to travel on campus in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. In April 2011, the University launched its original bike share program which provided bikes to students for a semester basis and allowed the bikes to use the existing bike racks on campus. In an effort to expand bike share and make it easier to use, the University partnered with the Public Bike System Corporation in spring of 2013 in order to bring SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share to the University community.

Wolf Ride allows current students to use their SBU ID Cards at solar powered kiosks to gain access to a bike share bike for free for the first 60 minutes. Wolf Ride bikes can be used to travel throughout campus and are intended to be used to travel between two station locations instead of utilizing methods that consume fossil fuels. Stony Brook University faculty, staff and visitors may purchase a subscription to Wolf Ride in annual, monthly, weekly and daily terms for the first 60 minutes of each use. For uses over 60 minutes, current students, faculty, staff and visitors are responsible for Additional Charges, which are outlined in the chart below.

Currently, Wolf Ride stations are located next to the Student Activities Center, South P Lot and West Apartments I. As depending on usage, the University will consult with students to potentially add new stations to different locations on campus with the intention to make it easier to use bikes and travel while at the University. Student interested in providing feedback can do so by participating in the Transportation & Parking Advisory Group, which holds regular meetings during the academic semesters and is open to the University student community. Wolf Ride's stations are modular and can moved, as depending on usage. "We are in the process of gathering student feedback on where students would like to see additional Wolf Ride Bike Share stations located," said James Ambroise, Site Manager for Transportation & Parking Operations. Wolf Ride will be available throughout the year, weather permitting and the systems status will be updated online at: www.stonybrook.edu/transportation or www.stonybrook.edu/sustainability.

The first phase of Wolf Ride involves providing a total of 48 bikes and current students will be able to utilize a bike share bike by swiping their SBU ID Card. SBU faculty, staff and visitors can purchase a subscription at any station using their credit or debit card. Wolf Ride Bike Share bikes can only be docked at a Wolf Ride station and users must utilize a helmet when using the service. The bikes are manufactured by the Public Bike System Corporation are similar systems are already installed at Washington State University and the cities of Boston, Montreal, London, Washington D.C. and soon New York City. The Stations are a combination of black and silver colors, and the bikes are made of aluminum and other durable components to ensure that they are protected from inclement weather. Each station is equipped with a black cylindrical ten foot solar panel pole that charges the stations' batteries, which provide power to the station and minimizes the systems carbon footprint.As for the bikes themselves, they are aerodynamic, durable and have front and rear mounted LED lights which flash as the rider peddles on the bike and each also has a three gear system. The bike chains are protected against weathering and are intended to not catch the rider's clothes, making the bike safer for the rider.

"SBU Wolf Ride represents a bike share model that allows different people to use the same bike each day," said James Ambroise, Site Manager for Transportation and Parking Operations. "One of our goals is to encourage students, faculty, staff and visitors to consider utilizing more sustainable means to navigate around campus. With the addition of Wolf Ride Bike Share, we believe the system enhances our sustainability profile, provides a greener form of transportation and should lead to a reduction to our University's carbon footprint."

"I think it's a great idea," said student Casey Roland, a Spanish Education major. "This is a large campus and bike share is a fun way for students to get around. Plus, it's good exercise." Once Wolf Ride fully launches, students will have a much healthier and more enjoyable way to travel around campus, while cutting emissions and help the environment. The Office of Sustainability / Department of Transportation & Parking Operations hopes to expand the number of Wolf Ride bikes and stations, as depending on feedback.

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share rates:

For more information on this initiative, please contact:
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