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April showers bring May flowers...

(Rainwater Harvesting System Facilities & Services Greenhouse)

February 22, 2012

rainwater harvesting system   rainwater harvesting system

Actually, with our new rainwater harvesting system, precipitation from any time of the year can be caught, stored and used to water the plants growing in the Facilities & Services greenhouse. The catchment system, located at the greenhouse in R&D Park, serves to enhance Stony Brook University's water conservation efforts. Re-using rainwater collected from the rooftop of the greenhouse is an environmentally advantageous (and economical) way to supply water for irrigation purposes. Rainwater harvesting conserves municipal water and well water, is low in salts and additives so it's good for plants, and can help reduce flooding and erosion in the immediate area. The project team even took sustainability a step further and created the cisterns by using drums re-purposed from the Campus Operations & Maintenance department! For more information on this Sustainability Story, please contact the Stony Brook University Office of Sustainability.

by Susan Fusaro

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