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(COM Induction Lighting)

COM induction lighting February 22, 2012

Stony Brook University is taking steps towards a brighter future. The Campus Operations & Maintenance Electrical Shop has begun the first phase of an exterior lighting retrofit project on campus. The Campus Operations & Maintenance department has been replacing current street lighting with induction fixtures. While the technology isn't new, induction lighting is possibly one of the best kept secrets in energy efficient lighting options. The new bulbs will provide higher quality lighting while using 50% less energy. With no filaments or cathodes to burn out, these fixtures can last up to 100,000 hours and are virtually maintenance free. The longer lifespan and extremely low maintenance means fewer dark streetlamps, which results in increased safety and visibility. Phase one of this project will take place on South Campus and is expected to provide an average annual savings of more than $8,000.00 per year. For more information on this Sustainability Story, please contact the Stony Brook University Office of Sustainability.

by Susan Fusaro

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