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Campus Dining Services Goes Green

Campus Dining Sustainability Efforts

October 6, 2008

Campus Dining Services at Stony Brook University knows that helping the environment takes everyone, everyday, everywhere.

Campus Dining Services at Stony Brook is the first major all declining balance University in the United States to use all biodegradable, consumer packaging and utensils in all of its dining service locations. In the 2007 – 2008 academic year over one million to go containers were utilized throughout campus each taking over 400 years to biodegrade in a landfill, the new containers, made from PLA plastic, will take only several months to biodegrade in a landfill. By utilizing food service disposables that are made from renewable natural resources there will be a reduction of the use of petroleum.

An in-vessel composter, purchased by Campus Facilities for use by Faculty Student Association, Campus Dining and Recycling and Resource Management, is being piloted at the newly renovated Roth Dining Center. The composter will be able to process food waste from the Campus Dining TrimTrax waste reduction program, as well as biodegradable food packaging, into compost that can be used on campus grounds. The composter will help shrink Stony Brook University’s ecological footprint, reduce waste management and landscaping costs, decrease pre and post-consumer waste, produce healthy soil and create new learning and research opportunities for faculty and students.

Campus Dining offers a reusable mug program for the Stony Brook community. Each time a customer uses their mug for a refill they save 30% on the beverage. In the 2007 – 2008 academic year over 12,000 cups were saved from entering a landfill. The mugs can also be utilized during brunch on weekends which starting September 2008 will be tray-less brunch in order to reduce waste, conserve water, and limit cleaning agents from entering the environment.

Catering began their green transition in the Summer of 2007 when they purchased their first bio-diesel catering van and they plan on adding additional vehicles. As of Spring 2008 the Catering Department no longer offers bottled water to their customers instead filtered water is presented in reusable containers. They are also suggesting to customers that instead of using their “one time use” China they instead use their reusable plastic China that is still affordable to the customer. They will also be using all biodegradable plates and utensils during catering events that do not need fine China or silverware.

“At Stony Brook we strive to make a difference. We will continue to research and work with our vendors on a daily basis to ensure we are doing everything we can to help our planet and our community. Being Green is part of our day to day job just as making sure that all meals are ready to go when we open in the morning,” Dennis Lestrange, Resident District Manager.

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