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Energy Conservation is Simple

Everything I really need to know about Energy Conservation, I learned in Kindergarten.

When you're done using something, put it away.
It's not difficult to turn a power-draining facility into an energy efficient office. If your computers undergo long periods of inactivity, you can put them in "standby" or "hibernate" modes that will effectively put them to sleep, using very little power until they are in use again. Many electronic devices such as printers and scanners also have such power saving features.
If you're not using it, TURN IT OFF.
And if possible unplug it. Many electronic devices have vampire loads; that is they use energy while plugged in even if they are turned off.
Don't take more than you need.
If you could use a 75W equivalent Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) instead of a 100W incandescent it would only use about 20 Watts. So for almost the same amount of light, you could save about 80%. Also, use task lighting, instead of larger area lighting when possible.
If you notice something wrong, tell someone.
We want to help keep all facilities operational. If something's not working properly, it's probably because we don't know about it. So please, help us, help you. Please visit the FIXIT website or call (631) 632-6400 to notify us of any problems.
Say please and thank you.
In conclusion, PLEASE help us to conserve energy and protect the environment. THANK YOU!

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