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Environmental Stewardship Helps Celebrate Earthstock

Friday, April 20, 2007

The sun was out in all its glory; reminding students, staff and visiting dignitaries of the profound impact that Mother Earth has on all of our lives. Environmental Stewardship was out to remind these same people of the impact that they have on the earth; and how we all can help to minimize that impact. There were displays, demonstrations and even a game to play.

The Environmental Stewardship department had several recycled products on display from reusable canvas grocery bags to a bottle opener made from recycled bicycle chains. Click here to view a list of these products and their company websites.

There were two demonstrations. One allowed participants to feel the difference between sheets of copy paper with 100%, 30% and 0% recycled content. The other demonstration was more dramatic. Dubbed “The Battle of the Bulbs” it showed a 100W incandescent light against 23 W of a newer technology: Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs). Both bulbs were illuminated in a boxing ring with power meters to show real time energy usage.

Another display was larger than life. It was an eight foot tall obelisk, with campus energy facts and the Spin to Win! game. If the participants agreed to perform the eco-friendly activity that came up when they spun the wheel, they were entered into a raffle. Prizes included reusable canvas totes, Chico Bags that fold up into the size of a small wallet, t-shirts, and lots of 4 packs of CFLs.

The weather was great and over all many individuals including Suffolk County Executive, Steve Levy, and Stony Brook’s own, “Captain Planet” got to see first hand that Sustainability: The Future is Now!

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Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy with Campus Energy Manager Peter Krumdieck A visit from Captain Planet
The Battle of the Bulbs

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Eco-Challenge Contributing Vendors

Janlynn Corporation
Contribution: Natural canvas tote bags.
Contribution: Foldable nylon shopping bag.
Contribution: Personal care items and tableware made from recycled plastic.
Contribution: National association for pet container resources.
Resource Revival
Contribution: Items made from recycled bicycle parts.
English Retreads
Contribution: Items made from recycled inner tubes.
Weisenbach Specialty Printing
Contribution: Specialty printed items made from recycled materials.

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