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Equation Explanation

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What is that equation thing I keep seeing around?
This image is a way to help you remember that you can, and do, make a difference. And that every little difference counts toward the whole.
If you've taken Calculus you would recognize this as sigma notation; and while we've taken a little liberty with the mathematical notation involved. The concept still holds.
It's really a declaration, a question, a reminder and a request all in one. So let's take a look at it:

I'm In Are you program logo

I am doing my part. Conserving energy and encouraging other to do the same.

I'm In Are you program logo

Are you doing your part? If not, could you please? We need all the help we can get.

I'm In Are you program logo

This is a way of reminding you that each individual participant's contribution, while small, adds up for a greater impact. Together, everyone's small efforts amount to a sizable contribution toward the goal.
Next time you hear someone asking about it you'll be in the know. Tell them to look here for more info.
Thank you!

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