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Wolf Ride Bike Share

Wolf Ride Bike Share

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is the University's bike share system that provides students, faculty, staff and visitors with a sustainable, healthy transportation alternative. SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is operated by the University's Office of Sustainability and is a "per ride" bicycle sharing system that provides users with the ability to travel from one University location to another using a zero emissions form of transportation. In addition to environmental advantages, Wolf Ride also serves to limit roadway vehicular congestion and encourages health and physical exercise.

How Does It Work?

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is comprised of four (4) solar powered bike stations and forty eight (48) bicycles. Current SBU students, faculty, staff and visitors may use a Wolf Ride bicycle by unlocking it from a station, riding it and then docking it at another station on campus. Wolf Ride bicycles can be used at the University and serve to augment existing SBU Transit Service.

Wolf Ride stations are located in proximity to the following University buildings:

  • Javits Lecture
  • James College (M&H Quad)
  • Library / Sustainability Studies
  • Life Sciences
  • South P Lot
  • Student Activities Center
  • West Apartments C
  • West Apartments I

Informative maps that display all Wolf Ride stations, the Paul Simons Memorial Bike Path and other bike friendly infrastructure are located at each Wolf Ride station.

View the Bike Kiosk Map

General Use & Subscriptions

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share is free for current SBU students up to 60 minutes per trip and is covered by the transportation fee. Current SBU students who use a bike for more than 60 minutes per trip will be responsible for "Additional Charges," which will be billed to their student account.

Faculty, staff and visitors may utilize SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share by purchasing a subscription, which are offered in annual, monthly, weekly and daily terms. Subscriptions may be purchased using a credit card at a bike share station, and subscribers may use an existing subscription by swiping the credit card which the existing subscription was purchased with. Faculty, staff and visitors who use a bike for more than 60 minutes per trip will be responsible for "Additional Charges," which will be billed to their credit card.

Faculty, Staff & Visitor Subscriptions
Term Length Cost Note
Annual July 1 to June 30 $84.00 Unlimited 0-60 Min Trips Per Year
Monthly July to June (per month) $28.00 Unlimited 0-60 Min Trips Per Month
Weekly Sunday to Saturday $14.00 Unlimited 0-60 Min Trips Per Week
Daily 5:00am to 11:00pm $4.00 Unlimited 0-60 Min Trips Per Day
Additional Charges
Up to 1 Hour Free ($0.00)
Up to 2 Hours $2.00
Up to 3 Hours $4.00
Up to 4 Hours $8.00
Up to 5 Hours $16.00
Up to 24 Hours $32.00
Up to 3 Days $64.00
Over 3 Days = Lost Bike Fee $1,150.00

Wolf Ride Bike Share Utilization

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share launched on April 19, 2013 and is a popular, sustainable and convenient way to travel at Stony Brook University. For more information on Wolf Ride usage, please see the following chart:

Wolf Ride Bike Share Utilization
Month Total Number of Rides Average Daily Number of Rides Average Length of Time Per Ride (in hh:mm:ss) Total Ride Time (in hhh:mm:ss)
April 2013 286 22.0 0:22:05 105:18:06
May 2013 1,573 50.7 0:21:29 563:22:17
June 2013 690 23.0 0:16:38 191:17:08
July 2013 591 19.1 0:12:55 127:13:43
August 2013 489 15.7 0:18:12 148:20:35
September 2013 710 23.7 0:17:55 212:01:07
October 2013 850 27.4 0:19:36 277:38:55
November 2013 348 11.6 0:14:15 82:36:36
December 2013 58 1.9 0:11:47 11:22:58
January 2014 2 0.00 0:08:50 0:17:40
February 2014 0 0.00 0:00:00 0:00:00
March 2014 83 0.00 0:13:44 19:00:29
April 2014 246 0.00 0:23:40 97:01:16
May 2014 714 0.00 0:21:39 257:41:40
June 2014 1,203 0.00 0:17:02 341:34:50
2013-14 Totals 7,843 21.68 0:15:59 2434:47:20
July 2014 462 0.00 0:14:43 113:20:59
August 2014 1,437 0.00 0:16:39 398:56:39
September 2014 2,245 0.00 0:00:00 0:00:00
October 2014 661 0.00 0:13:05 144:09:21
November 2014 271 0.00 0:12:11 55:02:23
December 2014 58 0.00 0:10:05 9:44:44
January 2015 3 3.00 0:19:57 0:59:52
February 2015 1 0.04 0:00:26 0:12:00
March 2015 23 0.70 0:11:35 4:26:25
April 2015 199 6.60 0:18:14 60:29:05
May 2015 754 24.30 0:19:44 247:54:36
June 2015 537 17.90 0:13:32 121:08:31
2014-15 Totals 6,651 13.16 0:12:31 1156:24:35
Grand Totals 14,494 34.84 0:14:27 3591:11:55

Student Input

SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share was developed through input from the Transportation & Parking Advisory Group and the SBU Biking Committee. Students interested in participating and shaping the future of Wolf Ride are encouraged to participate in the Transportation & Parking Advisory Group, which meets monthly during the academic year.

Wolf Ride Bike Station Images

Bike Share History

Old bike share logo In Spring 2011, the Stony Brook University Environmental Stewardship Office launched a bicycle sharing program that was offered to Stony Brook University students in order to promote healthier habits, reduce the need for automobiles on campus and reduce our campus carbon footprint. The first round of the program started in 2011 and was an overwhelming success. After some initial lessons learned and feedback provided by participants, the University augmented the program in order to increase its effectiveness.

The original bike share program started with 25 bicycles that were purchased by the University and each bike had a unique lock and key assigned to it. Selected students were issued a specific bicycle for the semester and were required to pay a $15.00 semester fee and a $15.00 bike, key and helmet deposit. Once payments were made, selected students would watch a short introductory/safety video, sign a waiver form and pick-up their bike, key and helmet from the Environmental Stewardship Office.

Participants were responsible for the issued bike for the length of the semester and were permitted to ride it around campus and lock it up utilizing the existing bike racks on campus.

Since launching its initial bike share program, the University considered a variety of solutions in order to grow bike share and increase its accessibility. Through such efforts, the University developed and launched SBU Wolf Ride Bike Share in spring 2013.

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