Welcome from the Director, Dr. Heidi Hutner

I am pleased to welcome you to our Sustainability Studies web page and program.
We are a rapidly growing academic program with five majors, six minors, a Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Information Science, and a fast-track BA-MBA in Sustainability Studies. At the moment, we are in the planning stages of a graduate program in Environmental Humanities and Social Change.

What makes us unique? Why are we expanding so rapidly? Why are our students and faculty so happy?

Everyone in Sustainability Studies has a passion for caring for the environment. Even though our faculty work on different areas of Sustainability Studies and have many approaches to this field --we all share a vision of wanting to make the world a safer, healthier, better place for the future generations. We work collaboratively and have several courses that are co-taught by two or more of our faculty.

Walk down our halls and you'll see original student environmental art and hear conversations on geospatial mapping and climate change, toxics and worms, environmental films, ecosystems and pollution, urban and suburban policy and design, environmental law and history, renewable energy, and on and on. In our seminar room you might see a student working on an economics project comparing environmental data on local vs. transported corn, or view a small film crew interviewing faculty members about their environmental books and research projects.

Productive and positive energy buzzes in the air. This is a happy and busy place.

Faculty and students meet often on and off campus to do hands-on collaborative research. We go out into the field to local sites, to NYC, and upstate. We take our students to academic and professional conferences, where they have ample networking and extended learning opportunities. We offer excellent research and internship opportunities and have created an environment that encourages interaction between students and faculty.

Why do I love directing this extraordinary program? It's creative, cutting edge, and interdisciplinary.
If you have any questions about what we do and who we are, please don't hesitate to reach me via phone or email at 631.632.5360 or Heidi.hutner@stonybrook.edu

We hope to hear from you, and don't forget to care for this beautiful earth!

Highlights from this past year:

*Weekly environmental film showings with environmental film experts.
*Great lectures from sustainability scholars and experts.
*Field and research trips to the Pine Barrens, NYC, Omega Institute, Clearwater Revival, and Winter Study Abroad program in Costa Rica.

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