Tara Rider

Tara Rider

With a multidisciplinary background in history, sustainability, and marine studies, Ms. Rider has taught a variety of courses in which students explore how historical decisions have shaped not only their physical environment, but also society's evolving views of nature.  

Tara S. Rider received her PhD in History from Stony Brook University.  Her dissertation examines the  geo-politics of sixteenth century Ireland .  Her research focuses on the ways in which gender becomes symbolic of the turmoil involved in colonization.  At once substantive and symbolic, the linkage of gender and race with landscape is about questions of power, culture, and identity.  Human responses to the different types of environmental conditions and physical landscapes help to shape social thoughts and attitudes.  She has integrated this research into the classroom by developing a study abroad program in Ireland. 

Tara teaches with not only Sustainability Studies, but also with the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) and is an adjunct instructor with the History department at Stony Brook; and is also an adjunct assistant professor at Suffolk County Community College and previously with Empire State College


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