Donovan Finn
Assistant Professor

Environmental Planning, Policy and Design
PhD, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009

MUP, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004

Dr. Finn teaches courses in the Sustainability Studies Program's Environmental
Planning, Policy and Design major. Trained as an urban planner, Dr. Finn has worked
as a community planner in East St. Louis, IL with the University of Illinois ESLARP center,
and consulted
with local governments in Illinois and Missouri on growth management and sustainable development policy while a research associate at the University of Illinois LEAM laboratory.
His current research focuses primarily on sustainability and resiliency planning in the New
York region and the role of public participation in effective planning outcomes. He also
works regularly with non-profit organizations and local governments in New York City and
Long Island on issues of sustainability, resilience, and public participation.

Dr. Finn teaches a number of the core courses in the Environmental Planning, Policy and
Design major/minor. His classes emphasize critical thinking, teamwork and effective communication. Most of his courses include an applied design or planning project in which students apply material learned in the course to a real-world place or issue. See this
Newsday article about one of Dr. Finn's class projects for an example. LINK TO:

An advocate for undergraduate research, Dr. Finn works regularly with students interested
in pursuing their own directed research and regularly includes undergraduate students in his
own research projects.

Prior to Stony Brook, Dr. Finn taught courses in urban planning, urban policy and
sustainable design at Hunter College (City University of New York) and The New School in
New York City.

Courses taught regularly:
CSK 101: Advocacy and Change
SBC 200: Human Settlement: History and Future
EDP 302: The Built Environment II.
EDP 307: Theories and Design of Urban Settlements
EDP 404: Environmental Design Project.
SBC 311: Disasters and Society

Contact Information
W0512 Melville Library
Stony Brook, NY, 11794-3352

Ongoing Research Projects

Evaluation of the relationship between household and business relocation decision-
making in post-Sandy New York City (funded by the National Science Foundation –
LINK TO: of the
planning processes in New York City and New York State since Hurricane Sandy.A book
project on the history and current redevelopment plans for Willets Point and Flushing
Meadows Corona Park in Queens.Analysis of sustainability plans and planning processes
on Long Island.

Selected Publications

Finn, D. and Brody, J. (Forthcoming, 2014) "Community Design at Middle Age: Idealism and Entrepreneurship Revisited." Journal of Architectural and Planning Research.

Finn, D. (Forthcoming, 2014) "DIY Urbanism: "Opportunities and Challenges for Planners".
 Journal of Urbanism.

Finn, D. (2014) "Give residents more say in land use and planning." Op-Ed in The Queens Chronicle. January 30, 2014.

Finn, D. (2013) "New York Neighborhoods Fight Land Grabs: Public Parks Going to
Professional Teams." Progressive Planning Magazine. 194: Winter, 4-9.

Finn, D. and McCormick, L. (2011) "Urban Climate Change Plans: How Holistic?" Local Environment, 16:4, 397-416.

Finn, D. (2011) "Growing Greener in the City: Open Space Advocacy for Environmental
Justice in Jackson Heights" Progressive Planning Magazine. 187: Spring, 13-16.

Kaza, N., Finn, D., and Hopkins, L.D. (2010) "Updating plans: a historiography of decisions
over time" Journal of Information Technology in Construction, 15, 159-168.

Finn, D. (2008). PlaNYC2030: Does Greener Really Mean Greater? Hunter College Center
For Community Planning & Development, "Sustainability Watch" working paper.

Finn, D., Hopkins, L.D. and Wempe, M. (2007) "The Information System of Plans Approach: Using and Making Plans For Landscape Protection" Journal of Landscape and Urban Planning, 81:1-2, 132-145.




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