• Since 1997, SUNY LSAMP has been extremely successful in increasing the enrollment and bachelor's degree production for underrepresented minority (UREP) students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. In that time there has been an increase of 157% increase in enrollment and a 63% increase in bachelor's degrees.

  • The Alliance, working with the SUNY Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (SUNY AGEP), has made substantial improvements in the recruitment and retention of UREP STEM graduate students. Included are changes in departmental culture and specialized recruitment events.

  • SUNY LSAMP is building important new collaborations with other colleges and universities, government agencies and foundations such as the Peterson's Corporation, Computer Associates, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Howard University, NASA and NOA. These collaborations are leading to expanded funding opportunities, increased UREP STEM bachelors and doctoral degree production and new research opportunities for SUNY LSAMP students.

  • SUNY LSAMP has strengthened its Alliance through expanded outreach and public relations efforts, improved fund raising efforts, new focus on scholarly articles and presentations at professional conferences, better program analysis and program planning and better sharing of successful programs and program components.

  • SUNY LSAMP has increased its local and national visibility through its Center for Inclusive Education, its "Access to Success" Symposium, its new web site and its new video.

  • The Alliance is developing new models for comprehensive support services and institutionalization. Examples are the Binghamton Engineering Tutoring Program, Stony Brook Undergraduate Colleges and the Buffalo Engineering Program.

  • It has improved the quality of student research experiences as seen in the increased linkages with Brookhaven National Lab, the link with the SUNY AGEP Summer Research Institute and the development of research methods components on several campuses.

  • There are improvements in student performance as seen in increasing grade point averages that are higher than other UREP STEM students at the institutions and extremely high retention rates of Level 1 students that are much higher than institutional averages.

  • " SUNY LSAMP students continue to demonstrate excellence in scholarship and research. This year students won the SUNY Chancellors Award, the Batelle Fellowship, The SHPE Scholar Award, The American Chemical Society Student Award and were National Honor Society, Golden Key and Phi Beta Kappa winners. Students received awards for their research at the EMERGE, SACNAS, ABRCMS and CSTEP/LSAMP conferences.


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