Summer Sessions

Catch Up, Get Ahead, Think Summer!

Why Summer Sessions?

Get Ahead.
Attending Summer Sessions allows you to:

  • fill in missing courses
  • Try something new and different or
  • Speed the progress to your degree.  

There are over 500 Summer Session college courses at Stony Brook University, in more than 60 academic subjects!

Summer sessions offers an excellent opportunity to enroll in hard-to-get courses, including those required for upper division study, or to help meet minimum progress requirements.

Still Time to Play
Many students say that the Summer Sessions format of two six-week terms allows them to spend part of their summer working toward their individual academic goals, while providing much-deserved time to relax and spend time with friends and family.

Special Programs
Special offerings in summer include variable-length on-campus courses such as intensive language instruction, lab study  and on-line programs.